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87-88 Amoy Street, Singapore 069906

Tel: +65-6225-5059

UFIT is Singapore’s leading independent fitness provider offering personal fitness coaching, nutrition, physiotherapy, sports massage and MMA services at their 5000 sq.ft facility in the financial district of Singapore.

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Personal Training
The bottom line of this is they are highly credentialed cohort of talented coaches who are focused on 2 things. You. And your results.
An awesome session for developing sports fitness, losing weight and/or general wellness.
Ozfit combines unique interval and body-weight circuits, stair drills and resistance exercises. Come prepared to push your limits!
COREFIT is designed to work you into top shape.
RUNFIT takes regular runners outside of their comfort zones by introducing intervals, fartleks, stairs and hills and various combinations of each.
SHEFIT is a women's only workout that combines cardio, core, resistance and high intensity training to focus on sculpting those annoying, women's-specific areas.
BOXFIT combines boxing and focus pad drills with cardio and strength circuits to provide an intense, full body work out. Punch your way to fitness!
YOGAFIT is a dynamic Vinyassa flow yoga class mixing traditional yoga postures with high intensity cardio blasts to really get the muscles long and lean.
WOD; Work Out of the Day
Every Mon, Take you through a weekly ‘challenge' that will be short on time but BIG on intensity. 6 Classes @ $175, Drop In $35
30 mins $175
UFIT Jungle; Primal Movement
Every Tue & Thu, Teach you to move better, focusing on primal movement patterns to help you improve mobility, flexibility and overall body awareness to move with strength, power and speed. 6 Classes @ $175, Drop In $35
30 mins $175
Swing it; Kettlebell Swings
Every Wed, Take a 30 minute KB session designed to blast through all the main KB lifts and swings. 6 Classes @ $175, Drop In $35
30 mins $175
HIT2BFIT; Pad-work
Every Fri, Take you through 30 mins of intenseboxing technique and pad work. 6 Classes @ $175, Drop In $35
30 mins $175
UFIT Friday Throwdown

Every Fri, Start your weekend with an all-in-one work out that includes combinations of Olympic lifting technique and gymnastics skills culminating in a high intensity workout for you to get your sweat on! 6 Classes @ $175, Drop In $35
60 mins $175
Every Sun, A session to help athletes work on their “top-end” conditioning. 6 Classes @ $175, Drop In $35
60 mins $175
Salveo Lifestyle 10 Week Program
Salveo 10 weeks educational nutritional plan is a program that will guide you through lifestyle and nutritional changes over a longer period of time.
Body Transformation
Body Transformation is an intensive all inclusive Lifestyle Program, which will get you drastic but quick and safe results.
Clean & Lean Program
The Clean & Lean Program is a quick and intense plan consisting of 4 weeks of a strict green diet plan. It is the perfect way to get fit and look good for an event, a holiday , a wedding or a date.
Clean & Lean Challenge
The Clean & Lean Challenge is a competition UFIT runs every few months.
Corporate Program
UFIT offers a variety of tailored corporate services, ranging from private Bootcamps, Retreats, Fitness Challenges and Nutritional workshops.
Their offering training programmes which not only keep you fit but also enhance the rehabilitation treatment of your injury.
Sports Massage
Sports massage will help improve flexibility and it can help in the treatment of recurring injuries such as sprains, strains, tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.
* Services & prices are for indicative references only.


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Opening Hours

Weekends:7am-6pm (Sat)


See Toh Jia Xin

Personal Trainer

Darren Blakeley

Director/ General Manager

James Forrester

Director/ Marketing Manager

Dean Ahmad

Director/ Technical Manager

Nathan Williams

PT Manager

Rebecca Scott-Martin

Salveo Nutrition Manager

Stephan Greenan


Dan Carter

Personal Trainer

Husaini Ahmad or “H”

Personal Trainer

Holly Klimcke

Personal Trainer

Akmal Saiful

Personal Trainer

Lawrence Cartwright

Personal Trainer

Tsvety Ivanova

Personal Trainer

Donnar Melena

Personal Trainer

Fay Hokulani

Personal Trainer

Clara Bartlett

Personal Trainer

Lucas Renzi

Personal Trainer

Sofiyan Hamid

Personal Trainer

Shafiq Sulaiman

Personal Trainer

Jessica Turner

Personal Trainer