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Try out Surfset to challenge your body in a variety of new ways and achieve a Surfer's shape. A totally toned body is everyone's dream. Surfset workouts are done to engage the stabilizer and core muscles and further shock the system to result to a real difference inside and out. Improvements even at the very first session are amazing!

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10 Classes
$31/Class & Valid for 4 Months
5 Classes
$33/Class & Valid for 2 Months
Single Class
One TIme Use
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  1. Reviewed on 11 February 2015

    Great Fun Exercise

    Date of visit: 10 September 2014, Reviewed by Thanesphongse. Service Received: Surfset Class
    Overall: 4
    Ambiance: 4
    Service Quality: 4
    Value: 4

    It was a fun exercise. Sweat a tons and work out the entire body.

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  2. Reviewed on 28 June 2014

    Fun and great workout

    Date of visit: 28 June 2014, Reviewed by Bluenomad. Service Received: Surfset Balance Class
    Overall: 4.5
    Ambiance: 4.5
    Service Quality: 5
    Value: 4.5

    I tried Surfset’s Balance class — which is a beginner’s class. It was really fun and very challenging at the same time. It’s fun because of the whole balancing element on the surfboard and I learned surfing-related moves. That said, this is not about learning how to surf.

    The challenging part — is that this requires a lot of strength, especially the core and some leg muscles for some of the excercises. Balancing on the board requires strength and concentration.The 45-minute class time really flew by and I was exhausted by the end and sweating buckets — and I consider myself reasonably fit. So, a great workout.

    I really like the setup — it’s a cozy studio that can fit 10-12 people per class. It’s on top of a shophouse but on the uppermost floor and has high ceiling and is bright and airy. The studio and equipment are very new and had a hip/fun vibe — something you expect of a surf shop. They have a small washroom in place of a shower so you can still manage to clean up after class albeit not a full shower.

    Gillian was my instructor and she was really friendly & fun. Her instructions were simple and striaight-forward. She pushes you to work but still pay attention to individual limitation. That’s another thing — the class I attended was very small — only me and the other person — so I really feel like getting personalized attention. Overall, a great place to workout in a totally new way. Would definitely go back again.

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  3. Reviewed on 8 February 2014

    Awesome workout!

    Date of visit: 8 February 2014, Reviewed by Scott S.. Service Received: a Balance class and a Sweat class
    Overall: 5
    Ambiance: 5
    Service Quality: 5
    Value: 5

    Awesome workout! I don’t usually enjoy exercising as usually it just means I’m just hitting the gym, so Surfset was a very refreshing change as I managed to get a good workout & have fun at the same time. It’s kind of like when I’m surfing in Bali and I know I’m burning the calories but it’s not boring. Difference is, Surfset is an exercise I can do on a regular basis.

    By the way, Surfset will NOT teach you how to surf. It still took me awhile to get used to the Surfset board even though I’ve been surfing for years. They have surf-inspired exercise moves and many exercises help develop the muscles that are needed for surfing, but perfecting one does not mean you will automatically know how to do the other!

    I did two classes in my first week: a Balance class and a Sweat class. The Balance class was a great introduction to the board and even though it’s their beginner class it was challenging. The Sweat class was intense and aptly named as I was literally sweating buckets.

    Came here with friends and we’ll continue coming. Sure beats running on a treadmill. We signed up for their Get in Surfer Shape Bootcamp which is $199 for 8 sessions to be done in a month. Two thumbs up.

    Credit: Yelp

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