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290 Orchard Road, Paragon #05-10, Singapore 238859

Tel: +65-6836-0500

Spa Esprit is an institution! We love the bright and warm interior of the spa at Paragon, in addition to all the yummy treatments they have on menu. Well you already know about the signature facials and massages. But don't forget to try the oh-so-pampering body therapies like Strawberry Butter Meltdown or Wheat Gerrefic Treat. Be warned that you will come out glowing!

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Back to Balance Massage
90 mins $235
Tui Na Massage
60 mins $128
Triple Muscle Blast Massage
90 mins $235
Slow Flow Massage
90 mins $182
Mud Stone Massage
90 mins $235
House Proud Massage
60 mins $128
Super Duper Flexers
30 mins $48
Hot Stone Massage
60 mins $128
Fastdraw Back Massage
30 mins $59
Energy Worker Massage
60 mins $102
Classic Scentsational Massage
60 mins $118
Watch Your Back Treat
60 mins $128
Neck To Neck Treat
45 mins $107
Lip Smacker Treat
20 mins $86
Eyes Wide Open Treat
30 mins $59
Zsa Zsa Gabor Hydrating Facial
75 mins $193
Wet Wet Wow Facial
75 mins $235
[p] VPL Power Facial
30 mins $193
Ultra-Replenishing Facial
75 mins $182
Splash & Glow Facial
75 mins $375
Queen Facial
75 mins $171
Plump Up Filler Facial
75 mins $214
King Facial
75 mins $214
House Bungalow Facial
90 mins $305
Empress Sisi Facial
75 mins $235
Eight Greens Farmer’s Facial
75 mins $193
Crystal Tonic Facial
75 mins $182
Budapest Customised Facial
60 mins $161
Ace Facial
90 mins $300
Body Treatments
Wheat Gerrefic Treat
90 mins $193
Vampirella Wrap
45 mins $161
Strawberry Butter Meltdown
90 mins $193
[BE] Foot Sculptor
15 mins $48
[BE] Honey Comb Wrap
60 mins $128
[BE] Endermologie
20 mins $75
Classic Scrub A Dub-Dub
45 mins $80
Cheeky Chai Detox
105 mins $251
[P] Chavutti Yougic Massage
90 mins $150
B.C. (Before Child) Massage
60 mins $128
A.D. (After Delevery) Massage
75 mins $235
* Services & prices are for indicative references only.


  1. Reviewed on 5 August 2014

    I love Spa Esprit!

    Date of visit: 5 August 2014, Reviewed by Carolyn L.. Service Received: Strawberry Butter Meltdown
    Overall: 4
    Ambiance: 4
    Service Quality: 4
    Value: 4

    I love Spa Esprit!

    If there is only one treatment you have time for or wish to indulge in, I highly recommend the Strawberry Butter Meltdown. With such a name, don’t you just feel delicious, melting into a puddle on the massage bed?

    I do not go to Spa Esprit regularly as the pricing is a bit on the high side so it is a treat when I do make my way there. Spa Esprit has been around for a decade or more now, starting from a small place in Holland Village before growing into a beauty empire in its group (Browhaus, Strip and a few eateries in Tiong Bahru area under the F&B arm) with outlet in Paragon and Dempsey area.

    I have tried the basic massage, called classic scentsational, which is also very good. The therapists they employed are well trained and able to work out the kinks in your body and soothe the achy muscles.

    The mud stone massage is interesting as a layer of mud is applied onto your body before the hot stones are placed. I find it a bit messy though and after hearing horror stories of others getting burnt by the stones (not that I know of any case in Spa Esprit) I stopped getting hot stones massage.

    For the strawberry butter meltdown treatment, it is a cross between a scrub and a massage. The first thing you will notice is the scent of sweet strawberries wafting in the air. I think sugar makes me happy, the sweetness in the air just makes you think of cookies baking the oven, happy thoughts. The warm buttery concoction gliding and being kneaded onto your body can just send me straight into a place filled with sugar plums and sprinkles. There is a small shower area in the room so your can wash off after the treatment.

    Hmmm…I think I need to go for another session of the Strawberry Butter Meltdown very soon.

    The staff do not really hard sell packages though they do ask if you will be interested in getting one

    Credit: Yelp

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