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1 Fullerton Square, The Fullerton Hotel (Mezzanine Floor), Singapore 049178

Tel: +65-6423-1382

Spa Artisan at the Fullerton Hotel is about natural ingredients and hand-crated techniques to wellness. The Spa also has bagged an award or two! It recently won '2014 Best Luxury Boutique Spa' for Singapore by the World Luxury Hotel Award. Try one of their signature massages like Artisan Touch or a full indulgence like the Hamman Rituals.

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Ultimate Spa Manicure
50 mins $58
Ultimate Spa Pedicure
50 mins $68
Ultimate Spa Manicure + Pedicure
120 mins $108
Classic Spa Manicure
40mins $38
Classic Spa Pedicure
40 mins $58
Classic Spa Manicure + Pedicure
90 mins $88
Express Manicure
20 mins $20
Express Pedicure
20 mins $28
Express Manicure + Pedicure
40 mins $40
French Nails
Acrylic Finger Nails Extension
90 mins $128
Acrylic Toe Nails Extension
40 mins $98
Gel Finger Nails Extension
90 mins $168
Gel Toe Nails Extension
40 mins $108
Nail Art
Harmony Gelish (Hands)
Harmony Gelish (Feet)
Harmony Gelish (Hands & Feet)
Harmony Gelish (Gelish Remove)
Harmony Gelish (Touch-Up for Hand)
Harmony Gelish (Touch Up for Feet)
Infill Gel & Acrylic
HardSkin Treatment For crack heel & corn
OPI Mask Treatment (Feet)
Paraffin Mask (Hands)
Cuccio Whitening Grape Antioxidant Treatment (Hands)
This treatment helps to whiten, nourish and hydrate the skin
Paraffin Mask (Feet)
Cuccio Mask Treatment Hands
Cuccio Mask Treatment Feet
Cuccio Whitening Grape Antioxidant Treatment (Feet)
This treatment helps to whiten, nourish and hydrate the skin
Eye Treatment
A.G.E Eye Treatment
Stimulates collagen synthesis and improves visible signs of intrinsic aging around the eyes in mature skin.
30 mins $128
Eye Treatment
Helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags.
30 mins $98
Express Facial
This mini-facial is a perfect lunchtime solution if you are seeking to restore an instant healthy and glowing look!
30 mins $98
Cell Regenerating Facial
Replenishes moisture in dry skin, smoothes out wrinkles and boosts radiance.
75 mins $248
Age Defying Facial
An unique set of SkinCeutical's firming massage techniques to smoothen facial lines and firms the skin.
75 mins $278
Ultra Soothing Facial
Strengthens and improves the cells and tissues reconstruction abilities, as well as replenishes moisture loss.
60 mins $168
Pore Matifying Facial
Deep cleansing draws out impurities and helps control excess sebum production, while maintaining the skin's natural pH balance
60 mins $188
Detox Therapy
ear candling
"Detoxifying ear candling & manual lymphatic drainage on face and neck
30 mins $110
parafango mineral mud
Detoxifying thermal mineral mud wrap which fights cellulites, eliminates toxins and remineralises the body
60 mins $180
antistress scalp
Relaxing massage for scalp
30 mins $90
antistress foot
Relaxing massage for foot
30 mins $90
antistress back
Relaxing massage for tensed shoulders and back
30 mins $90
lymphatic wellness
Gentle massage which regularizes and improves drainage of the lymphatic system
60 mins $180
thermal earth
Therapeutic basalt stones detoxify and stimulate the body's healing process
60 mins $180
huna huna
Ancient art of hawaiian massage applying firm rhythmic motions
60 mins $180
shiatsu focus
Finger pressure massage applied to the meridian points to stimulate the body's ‘ki'
60 mins $180
inner respite
Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissues
60 mins $180
aroma rich
Aromatic tension relief -- select a choice of our signature red flower skin massage oils
60 mins $180
liswedish recharge
Designed to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins
60 mins $150
artisan touch
A signature massage -- a fusion of eastern meridian and western classical massage techniques
60 mins $150
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Opening Hours

Weekday:10am - 10pm
Weekends:10am - 10pm
Holidays:10am - 10pm