SK-II Boutique Spa Millenia Walk

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9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk Shopping Center, Singapore 039596

Tel: +65-6336-4880

SK-II Boutique Spa Millenia Walk is the largest of such SK-II Spa to-date, with 10 luxuriously appointed beauty suite. Here you can get all great facial services and treatments SK-II is known for. The therapists here undergo training procedures developed by SK-II Global Training Centre in Japan. Try some the the delectable services like the signature Cloud 9 Facial or Aura Lucency Facial that uses SKII Cellunimation product.

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Advance Face Works
Aura Lucency Facial
This facial deploys masterful technique and premium SK-II Cellumination products, including a triple-mask care for the face, eyes and neck to deliver a translucent and porcelain clear skin that glows from within.
100 mins $320
Cloud 9 Facial
Soothe varying skin concerns with this luxurious treat the uses the legendary Marguerite Maury massage technique, certified organic essential oils and Jojoba oils to rejuvenate the senses.
99 mins $320
Up-lifting Facial
A non-invasive facelift facial incorporates the use of the biotechnology to stregthten muscle fibers and skin's tissues to retain the skin's elasticity as well as all the goodness of SK-II to create radiant, youthful skin.
85 mins $290
Perfecting Luxe Facial
Ultra luxurious anti-aging facial that target the 5 skin dimensions for the ultimate skin transformation to achieve an amazing crystal clear skin.
100 mins $320
Senzational Facial
Specially created to tackle multiple skin concerns. It includes the SK-II signature 55-step relaxing face massage, eye treatments and finish with soothing scalp massage.
85 mins $260
Intense Radiance Facial
Help address hyper-pigmentation with Derm Revival program coupled with intensive facial massage, neck massage and ultrasound application.
85 mins $260
Essential Faceworks
Crystal Clear Facial
An essential facial to hydrate and replenish skin's moisture.
60 mins $160
Illuminating Facial
Help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, skin dullness and slight pigmentation.
60 mins $180
Miracle Facial
Help reduce visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.
60 mins $190
Purifying Facial
Focus the deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction. Designed to purify congested and/or acne-prone complexions.
85 mins $200
Intensive Face Works
Senze Oxygenated Facial
Rejuvenate the skin with the infusion of oxygen that delivered deep into the skin. Ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin.
100 mins $400
Senze PPx
This FDA approved PPx combined pneumatic (pressure) energy and broadband light to target the treatment area with effectiveness.
PPx Skin Revitalization
50 mins $390
PPx Pigmentation Care
60 mins $450
Senze Rejuvenating (RF) Treatment
Let the most advanced radio frequency (RF) photodynamic technology combined with SK-II to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin at the subcutaneous fat tissue layer to deliver an amazing lifting effect on the skin.
60 mins $350
Senze Rejuvenating (RF) Facial
Maintain a youthful, softer and velvety skin with this highly advanced treatment that combines radio frequency, photodynamic energy and full facial to recondition skin damaged by chronoaging and photoaging.
85 mins $400
Senze Rejuvenating (RF) Neck (Add-on)
25 mins $130
Senze Rejuvenating (RF) Eye (Add-on)
25 mins $130
Senze Rejuvenating (RF) Neck (Ala-carte)
45 mins $160
Wax Works
Upper Lip
5 mins $20
Under Arms
15 mins $30
Half Arms
20 mins $40
Arms/Half Legs
30 mins $60
40 mins $80
Mini Treats
Up-Lifting Eye Enhancer
For those who need extra treatment for the eyes, this treatment combines SK-II and Bio-wave currents on a stand-alone basis.
45 mins $115
Up-Lifting Add-on Enhancer
These treatments incorporate Bio-wave currents to stimulate the growth of collagen and to deliver a younger and supple skin.
25 mins $95
For Eyes Only
Indulge in this 20-step eye massage with SK-II Massage Cream and Signs Eye Mask to reduce fine lines and puffness.
20 mins $75
Back Facial
It is a soothing back treatment that can help eliminate back acne, back acne scars, impurities, even out of the skin and gives brighter-looking, fairer skin.
45 mins $125
* Services & prices are for indicative references only.


  1. Reviewed on 22 July 2014

    Oasis in the city

    Date of visit: 3 July 2014, Reviewed by Anne Jiva. Service Received: Facial
    Overall: 4.5
    Ambiance: 5
    Service Quality: 5
    Value: 4

    No need to review on SK-II…the product is well known already and well-trusted worldwide, and their spa quality is really top-notched. The quality and ambience are both great the minute you step into their facility. The staff is very polite and knowledgeable. They even have a follow-up call to make sure that you don’t get any break-out from the facial. Very nice touch.

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