Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage

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49 Boat Quay
Singapore 049838

Tel: +65-6536-3306

A cozy, 'boutique massage place by the river', Sabaai Sabaai specializes in traditional Thai Massage. Located around Boat Quay, it's perfect for worker bees to squeeze in that lunch-hour foot massage or after-work, body-stretching, knot-melting Thai Massage.

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Ear Candle
Herbal Compress
30 mins $35
Foot Massage
Foot + Neck & Sholder Massage
60 mins $60
Foot + Neck & Sholder Massage
30 mins $40
Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
30 mins $48
Traditional Thai Massage
60 mins $68
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60 mins $78
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  1. Reviewed on 17 November 2014

    Very nice premises

    Date of visit: 17 November 2014, Reviewed by Celine C.. Service Received: Foot and Thai Massage
    Overall: 4
    Ambiance: 4
    Service Quality: 4
    Value: 4

    Great massage. I took an hour foot massage and an hour Thai massage.
    The second part was even better than the first.
    Very nice premises.We were a couple so they open the curtains to get a huge place for us. Becareful though, ask for a place with low air conditioning, you can easily get cold because of the AC.

    A very nice place, I wish I could come back every week !

    Credit: Yelp

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  2. Reviewed on 20 April 2014

    I was pleasantly surprised

    Date of visit: 20 April 2014, Reviewed by Cindy Q.. Service Received: Massage
    Overall: 4
    Ambiance: 4
    Service Quality: 4
    Value: 4

    I’ve only had good massages here but they can be quite vigorous experiences (ie they work it! and you).

    It was $52 each when I bought – if you bulk buy (10) and includes a foot scrub at the start.

    The girls are all well trained and no random smooshing of your flesh going on here. I was pleasantly surprised after just 2 or 3 visits they recognised me very quickly even though I did have a few months when I didn’t go.

    It’s surprisingly nice looking inside, albeit small. Typical thai style but nicer and with strong air conditioning – Mattresses on raised wooden platforms, curtains all around. The thing I really appreciate here is when it’s time for you to face down, they have a firm U-shape pillow for you to face down into and they set it up over some pillows supporting your chest and it’s really rather comfortable, makes a huge difference from places where it’s just a mattress and you’re faceplant down.

    The location is gold..right in the middle of boat quay. It’s so near my office and not far from Raffles MRT. It’s been great catching a massage before meeting friends for drinks a few times.

    But last visit, I realise that they raised the prices at $62 each with the bulk buy.

    Credit: Yelp

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