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8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-52 Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984

Tel: +65-6323-3018

Renaza is a unique spa operated by group of entrepreneurs in Singapore that offers health and beauty wellness treatments. They will bring you world class technology including Repéchage Facials, Elicina scars treatment, skin care and eye care treatments with relaxing and atmosphere of their centres!

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8th Anniversary Celebration
Customised Premium Aesthetics Facial
Usual Price $350
anniversary period aug sep $88
Customised Aesthetics Facial
Usual Price $250
anniversary period aug sep $38
Express Facial
Usual Price $50
anniversary period aug sep $18
Customised Aesthetic Facial
After a detailed analysis of your skin's type and needs, our experienced therapist will customise an aesthetic facial with top-ups such as Microdermabrasion (for facial exfoliation), Ultrasonic (for firming) or Soliderm Light (for acne).
Beauty Lips Treatment + Anti-Aging Pearl
A painless and non-invasive alternative to attain plump, luscious and kissable lips.
Repêchage Four Layer Facial (Oily/Combination skin types)
The premiere anti-aging treatment from Repêchage by Cosmopolitan UK that helps to rejuvenate, tone and firm skin.
Repêchage Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial
It is specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin with an Enzymatic Micropeel, 2 facial massages and a cool Spirulina Seaweed Mask to help firm and smooth skin.
Repêchage Hydra Medic Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Cleanse, purify and control breakouts from causing havoc and is perfect for for overactive oily skin types.
Repêchage Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment
Using clinically proven ingredients that helps fight signs of aging, and environmental damage around the eye contour.
Repêchage Classic Seaweed Treatment Facial
It uses a synergistic blend of seaweed based skin care, designed specifically for sensitive skin.
Repêchage Classic European Facial
Classic European Facial uses ancient botanicals and traditional facial steps to help deep cleanse, tone and moisturize skin deep down.
Repêchage Biolight Facial
Repêchage Medic Treatment
Actizyme Facial
Actifirm Clear Ten
Actifirm Magic Ten
Actifirm 60% peel top up
Cell Rejuvenation Facial
Crystal Collagen Facial
Renaza Snail Facial
Clarifying Facial
V Jaw Facial
No Frills Facial
Radio Frequency
Aids in lifting, firming and activating production of collagen.
Intense Pulsed Light
Lightens pigments, acne scars and promotes skin rejuvenation.
Infusion of oxygen and provides hydration for skin revitalization.
Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel)
Provides facial exfoliation using diamond peel technology.
Face Doctor
Provides deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation benefits.
Assists product penetration and promotes firming benefits.
Soliderm Light
Promotes healing and acne skin repair.
Aqua Peel
A process utilizing simultaneous exfoliation and topical infusion. A painless, effective and safe treatment with immediate results.
Gua Sha Face Therapy
Gua Sha Face Therapy
Dermio Face
Infusion of negative ions in high concentration for skin and face rejuvenation.
Essential Eye/Neck
Replenish the eye/neck area with hydration and vitamins to help diminish unwanted fine lines and dark circles.
Crystal Collagen Eye
Eye Sparkle is a comprehensive eye treatment to boost collagen, reduce wrinkles, eye puffiness and dark circles.
Diamond Eye/Neck
Diamond peel helps to drain away excess toxins in the eye and neck areas, while also helping to exfoliate dead skin cells.
Line Eraser for Eyes/Neck
Line Eraser for Eyes intensively treats age related concerns with the use of Radio Frequency. You will see visible and lasting results with continual treatment.
Gua Sha Eye Treatment
Eye Brow Trimming
Relaxing/ Swedish/ Aroma/
Using a variety of massage techniques for total body, mind and soul tranquility.
60 mins $130
Herbal Heat Compress Therapy/
Using heated stones and hot herbal compress to promote overall well being by enhancing energy flow and blood circulation.
60 mins $160
Gua Sha Body Therapy
Using TCM healing technique to promote metabolism of our body, strengthen immune system, soothe muscle stiffness and body pain.
60 mins $160
Slimming Body Massage
60 mins $160
Head Massage with Gua Sha
60 mins $120
Wellness Revival Treatment
Using two methodologies of physical energy-heat and infrared ray in combination with our special massage technique to eliminate toxins, relieve aches and promote immunity.
Ova Care
A signature ovary treatment especially for women to improve health and general well being.
60 mins $200
Detox Wrap/Slimming Wrap
Ginger Detox Therapy
Exfoliate and remove "body wind" using fresh ginger to rub on the whole body, followed by thermal wrap.
Body Exfoliation/Body Mask
Naval Candling
Ear Candling (w/lymphatic massage)
Body Scar Treatment (small area)
Body Scar Treatment (medium area)
Body Scar Treatment (large area)
Dermio Body
Dermio BodyInfusion of negative ions in high concentration for skin and body rejuvenation.
Back Treatment/ Microdermabrasion Back Treatment
Treats ance and scars
IPL Series
Full Leg
Upper Lip
Under Arm
Half Leg
Derma Roller
Other parts
Slimming Treatment
Vacuum Therapy (per spot)
Slimming Concept (per spot)
RF Treatment (per shot)
G5 (per 10 mins)
* Services & prices are for indicative references only.


  1. Reviewed on 7 June 2014

    Blissful Deep Tissue Massage

    Date of visit: 8 April 2014, Reviewed by Woon. Service Received: Deep Tissue Massage
    Overall: 4
    Ambiance: 3.5
    Service Quality: 4
    Value: 4

    I had a Deep Tissue Massage at Ranaza – Marina Bay Link. The massage therapist was very experienced & the whole experience was calming & blissful! Can’t remember her name though but she is local and in her 50s. The massage room was really small but they had aroma scent that made it so wonderful. The only downfall was the sales person – she was really pushy and killed all the zen that was created during the massage session. :)

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