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200 Bishan Road, #01-03, Singapore 579827

Tel: +65-6353-4408

PPP Laser Clinic was founded by Dr. Goh Seng Heng and his daughter Michelle Goh. Dr. Goh is a pioneer in the world's aesthetic medical field and his techniques and technologies are practised and used at PPP Laser Clinics. Clinic operating hours vary daily so always call up first to avoid disappointment!

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Non-ablative Laser Procedure
Cleans the face, targets severe acne and reduces pores, pimples and pigmentation
AMCOT/Cool Touch Procedure
Reduces acne inflammation and scarring, smooths out wrinkle lines around eyes, reduces face and neck stretch marks
Micro-Laser Procedure
Reduces acne scarring and improves skin tone and colour
Light Procedure
Cleans the face, retards unwanted hair growth and reduces pores, pimples and pigmentation
CO2 Laser Procedure
Removes moles, warts, skin tags and skin lesions
Botox Injections
Reduces deep facial wrinkles and creases, tightens the chin, helps alleviate headaches
Double Radio Frequency Procedure
Tightens skin around the eyes, chin and even the stomach area, firming skin texture and smoothing out fine wrinkles
Filler Injections
Reduces forehead lines, frown furrows and crows' feet, as well as smile lines (nasal labial folds)
Chemical Peel Procedure
Rejuvenates skin appearance, improves skin tone, smooths out uneven pigmentation and reduces fine wrinkles
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Opening Hours

Weekday:10am - 7:30pm (Call to Check)
Weekends:10am - 7:30pm (Call to Check)


Dr. Goh Seng Heng

Group Emeritus Consultant and Chief Trainer of PPP Doctors Internationally

Dr. Michelle Goh

PPP Founder and CEO