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Serangoon Garden Way, 85A, Singapore 555981

Tel: +65-9184-7622

Pilates Fitness (Serangoon Gardens) is the first in Singapore to introduce Pilates for Weight Loss, Golfers, Athletes and Youth. They offer both Pilates Reformer and Pilates Mat with props classes in a new, clean and friendly studio. They also provide Corporate Pilates Classes and workshops to enhance work life balance.

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Couple Prenatal Pilates
Couple Prenatal Pilates Class prepares the couple to be physically and mentally fit throughout the pregnancy to bring up their new born when time comes!
Pilates Newbie
15 Reformer Group Classes.
Pilates Junkie
Enjoy 100 Reformer Group Classes.
Weight Loss Plus Class
Their power-packed Weight Loss Plus builds on the strength and body awareness that you have acquired in Weight Loss to challenge your body further.
AbsBurn Class
AbsBurnPilates Class gives you the extra boost to tone up your abdominal muscles and reduce love handles and belly fat.
Pilates for Body Aches
Pilates strengthens your postural muscles, reduces muscle imbalances, and improves the alignment & posture of your body.
Pilates Cardio Jumpboard
Pilates Jumpboard Class is a fast paced, high intensity Pilates workout that challenges your coordination and core stability while enhancing calories burn.
Strength Yoga
Strength Yoga is the best yoga for weight loss as it allows you to adjust the resistance level for each exercise according to your fitness level, thereby promoting a higher number of calories burned per class, which leads to weight loss and massive body toning.
Pilates Postnatal Weight Loss Plus
Specially designed for new mums to aid sustained weight loss, improve endurance of arms and back muscles to carry the baby as well as to strengthen postnatal pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
Pilates for Runners
Pilates builds strength, increases flexibility and reduces the risk for common injuries associated with running.
PIlates for Golfers
Alleviates back, neck and join pain by improving strength, balance and coordination.
Pilates for Youth
Pilates for Youth is perfectly safe and highly recommended especially for youth athletes & youth wanting to loss weight.
Pilates Fitness Workplace Health Program
The Pilates Fitness Workplace Health Program makes it easy for companies of all sizes to implement corporate fitness.
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  1. Reviewed on 9 July 2014

    Best Reformer Pilates Class ever

    Date of visit: 5 July 2014, Reviewed by Toyalusd. Service Received: Reformer Pilates Class
    Overall: 5
    Ambiance: 4.5
    Service Quality: 5
    Value: 5

    I’ve been to many Pilates Studio and I’ve finally found one that is serious about Reformer Pilates! Pure 60minutes of reformer pilates with a proper lesson plan with no corners cut. The instructor is very professional and passionate about reformer pilates. This studio (unlike many that I’ve been to) is a purist as it does not combine mat pilates or TRX etc with reformer pilates! The best part is I’ve lost 8kg following through the different classes – I do it twice a week! Moreover, my posture and lower backaches has strengthened , my imbalance pelvic has also improved.
    Highly recommended for those looking to have a proper reformer pilates program at a good reasonable pricing.
    In addition, Pilates Fitness has a great policy of allowing up to 12hrs advance cancellation policy (a lot of other studios has 24-48 hours and you know how mad and last minute our schedule can be!). Thus, this is a great bonus to us busy executives! The online self-service booking and mobile app booking are definitely added pluses! :)

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Weekday:9am - 9.30pm
Weekends:9am-4.30pm (Sat)