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2 Orchard Turn, Ion Orchard #01-19, SIngapore 238801

Tel: +65-6509-0330

Next located at Ion Orchard, its edgy, evocative and club-like interiors together with pulsating grooves will make the young & young at heart happy. Get your total hair fix with services like Hair Spa Treatment, Permanent Waves or even Hair Extension.

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  1. Reviewed on 22 October 2013

    both my hair stylist and technician were super professional and meticulous

    Date of visit: 24 October 2013, Reviewed by Gwen. Service Received: Hair Color and Curls
    Overall: 5
    Ambiance: 5
    Service Quality: 5
    Value: 5

    Earlier this week, i got myself a brand new transformation, courtesy of Next Hair Salon! ❤❤❤

    I am stoked because this is where Xiaxue (whose illustrious hair is ALWAYS the talk of the town) gets her seasonal metamorphosis.

    I think the difference between a really good hair stylist and a hair dresser is that the former can really change the way you look AND feel by creating a brand new look that brings out a person’s individuality and charisma.

    I absolutely love my new maple-coloured hair! ♡_♡

    It was an amazing experience and both my hair stylist and technician were super professional and meticulous. I was given a fresh new ash brown colour by Willie (technician) and beautiful, soft curls by Xavier (stylist). I was exhilarated with the end result and got alot of compliments when i went out that day :)

    Friends really like my new colour and my soft curls, too bad the curls weren’t permanent :( I liked that the ash brown made my skin look fairer and brighter, and just softens my entire look.


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  2. Reviewed on 27 January 2013

    the staffs are friendly and polite here

    Date of visit: 27 January 2013, Reviewed by Pinky Betanie. Service Received: Haircut & Blow dry
    Overall: 4.5
    Ambiance: 5
    Service Quality: 4
    Value: 5

    i noticed that there are lots of western guests having their hair done at neXt, which i think is related to its hospitality. the staffs are friendly and polite here, and singapore seriously needs more of these staffs. i also love the ambience and the super comfy washing sofas! (what do you call them?) oh and one more thing, the staffs here look all classy and well-groomed, which is really great. no dirty rock star look like many salon crews out there. like!

    i also noticed that the stylists here have different method of layering hair to the ones in jakarta. they kind of flip the strands back to the other side first before cutting the ends (do you know what i mean?) and they dont tousle my hair back and forth like what my stylist in jakarta does. well, doesnt matter to me though. either way, i love the final result of both.

    i gotta say that the downside here is the blow-dry. here, the person who cuts your hair also blows it dry. while in jakarta, it’s usually different person. i personally like my regular blow-dry personnel (what do you call the person who blows your hair?) in jakarta much much better. i have always gotten a super smooth, natural, firm, bouncy finish that lasts me up to 3 days. i looooove it and it always made my day. the finish i get here is as natural and bouncy, but not as smooth and firm, and lasts me only 1-2 days. if i could have any suggestion, it would be a team of blow-dry personnel who master finishing the hair.

    overall, my first experience with neXt salon is great, and this will be a place i’ll go to the next time i need my hair to be done. yeaay for mama, Leng, and the team!

    Credit: Pinky Betanie

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