The Moving Body (River Valley)

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11 Unity Street, 01-23/24 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995

Tel: +65-6235-1051

At The Moving Body, they strive to help their clients find “freedom through movement”. They combine complementary modalities such as Pilates, Gyrotonic exercises, Physiotherapy and Therapeutic massage in order to meet the needs of their clients.

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Pilates Mat (Get Free 60-Min Pilates Session)
A Pilates Mat class that uses Joseph Pilates' original mat exercises, add in some more preparations and modifications - so the exercises are achievable for all levels. We use props at times including rings, bands and rollers, to either assist with the move or increase its intensity. The mat is generally all about you as the mover, and the more you experience matwork the more you learn how to “hold you with you”.It is a classic class, focusing on in-depth movement requiring: concentration, control, centering of your body, flow or efficiency of movement and precision - all of Joseph's original principles.Maximum 8 people per class. And get one free 60 mins Pilates Class.
10 sessions $267.50
60-min Physiotherapy Consultation (Get Free 60-Min Pilates Class)
Consult our physiotherapists to manage current aches and pains, address muscular imbalances and posture issue and learn the right exercises for your body. Get Free 60-min Pilates Class.
60 mins session $139.10
60-min Deep Tissue Massage (Get Free 60-Min Pilates Class)
The depth and strength of the massage is adjusted to sooth sore muscles while loosening tight ones, preparing you for the pain-free enjoyment and more efficient movement in your daily activities. Deep tissue massage also helps to release muscles and fascia in order to improve performance in sport. And get one free 60 mins Pilates Class.
60 mins session $107
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Weekday:9am-9pm (Mon -Thur), 9am-5pm (Fri)
Weekends:9am-5pm (Sat), 9am-2pm (Sun)
Holidays:By Appointment Only