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Jamu Wellness focuses on Jamu, the traditional art of Indonesian holistic healing & pamerping. You also get great Balinese or Javanese Massages. Try the signature Boreh mask treatments, using various herbs & spices and even volcanic mud! Or try the Grated Ginger with Jamu Spices Massage that's recommended for helping with tired and aching body. That's something we can get in to!

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Spicy Ginger Detoxification Remedy Massage
An excellent therapy for intensive body aching, rheumatism and muscle tension.
Grated Ginger with JAMU Spices Massage
This traditional Indonesian remedy will intensively ease every muscle tension while it promotes regular blood circulation.
Traditional Javanese Massage
Traditionally popular for its unique cross techniques. Ultimately relaxes tense muscles and calms the body.
Sri Balinese Massage
Its exotic unique blend of therapeutic essential oils calms all five senses.
Tropical Asian Massage
The melodic rhythm of their strokes creates a pattern of sensation so pleasurable the you can feel almost guilty for the indulgence!
Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage
An essential lymphatic massage using therapeutic essentials to stimulate blood flow and lymph fluid improving the flow of nutrients to the cells.
Sengkak Therapy
Womb massage therapy that helps detoxifies the abdomen with a contouring abdomen massage.
Tummy Detox JAMU Spice Urut
Recommended for bloated tummy and detoxification.
Foot Reflexology
Fantastic remedy for aching feet.
Traditional Lulur
Spicy Ginger Detoxifying
This exotic and therapeutic spicy ginger naturally helps to relieve muscle tension and tired body.
Traditional Javanese Golden Lulur (Ancient Delight)
Gently digest and exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities.
Passion Fruit Sweet Nectar
A tropical fruit exfoliate full of its natural goodness.
Anti-Oxidant Oriental Bali Kopi
Helps to detoxify and purifies pores. Natural fruit exfoliate; rehydrates and leaves a film of shine and radiance on skin.
Traditional Boreh
Traditional Balinese
The Traditional Bali Jamu herbs transmit heat to the body, keeping it warm and improves blood circulation as it reduces water retention.
Volcanic Mud
Simple yet a exotic concoction for skin purification.
Traditional Indonesian JAMU Spices
Relieves bloated tummy and wind from the body. Relaxes the body and releases daily stresses of life.
Pre & Post Natal
Exclusively Pre-natal Retreat
Exclusively for expecting mums during pregnancy of 4 months till delivery only.
Exclusive Post-natal Massage
This POST-NATAL Treatment is an age-old process for a new-age answer to slimming.
Jamu Wellness Full Body Slimming Massage
In-House traditional blend of JAMU herbal spices and pure concoctions of essential oils.
JAMU Slimming self-preservation
Choice of Tummy, Arms or Thighs
JAMU Full Body Slimming self-preservation
Treatment to be concentrated on Tummy / Both Arms / Both Thighs
Bust Treatment
Bust Enhancement Treatment
Treated with a concoction of concentrated extracts of Jamu botanical herbs.
Bust Firming Treatment
The best selection of traditional JAMU spices and herb remedies. Effectively lifts and firms sagginess.
Honey Oxygenating
Stimulates cellular renewal; Skin is more radiant & sounder.
Delicate Skin Bilberry
. Prevents sensitivity signs (broken capillaries) Deep care restores suppleness comfort and softness to skin
African Tribal Detoxification
Inspired by Moroccan, Japanese, Aborigines and African tradition. Ultimate Radiance and Glowing from skin within.
Relieves congestion, absorbs sebum excess and imperfections disappear.
Oily Skin Lemon Care
For oily skin types and problems which requires post acne treatments.
AHA & Cranberry Microdermabrasion
The dermabrasion treatment soothes wrinkles and lines while refining the skin texture.
Other Treatments
Essential Ear Candling with Lymphatic Drainage
Enjoy an extended neck and decollete massage
Essential Abdomen Candling with Lymphatic Drainage
Relieves bloated tummy & improves regulates bowel movements
Infrared Dome Sauna
his treatment helps to cleanse pores, increases circulation, ease muscle and joint pain and allow the body to sweat.
Puteri Ayu Herbal Treatment
An exclusive herbal steam for ladies. This remedy is from selected spice and root, 'patchouli, white chempaka and honey menyan.
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