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112 East Coast Road #04-10, Singapore 428802

Tel: +65-6636-1562

The leading & biggest Japanese yoga brand with more than 120 branches in Japan. Hot Lava Yoga is now located at East Coast Road in Katong. What we love is that this studio is exclusively for women! They focus on Hot Yoga & Gentle Yoga in Vinyasa style. Go experience Hot Yoga Lava... it will reduce body toxins, make you feel happier, sexier & healthier. They have classes focusing on pelvis, abdominal & anti-aging.

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Feel increased self-awareness and a connection with the universe through this Vinyasa Flow! This Vinyasa Flow is called "Meditation of Movement", and this program appeals to your five senses through the unification of MUSIC & YOGA.
Figure (Abdominal)
Wake up and strengthen your core in a way than is great even for beginners! If you are worried about a flabby belly or back problems, the key is to train your core muscle in the center part of your body.
This program is about the activation of female hormones. Enhance your natural feminine beauty from the inside out, and resist aging process.
This program focuses on fundamentally improving your pelvis through movement around your shoulder blades and pelvis. You can accelerate your metabolism and make it easier to lose weight by training the inner muscle located around the pelvic bone.
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$280/ Month
6 months $1680
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12 months $3000
$198 / Month
24 months $4752
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  1. Reviewed on 29 June 2014

    Women's Only Yoga Studio

    Date of visit: 28 June 2014, Reviewed by Woon. Service Received: Pelvic Yoga Class
    Overall: 4.5
    Ambiance: 5
    Service Quality: 5
    Value: 4

    Hot Yoga Lava is a brand new women’s only Yoga Studio and is located at Katong 112. The place is super clean & very nice! The receptionst was super nice & sweet… she brought me to the locker, gave me fresh towels and showed me to the class. The mats were placed neatly & the classroom was warmed up for Hot Yoga.

    The Pelvis Yoga Class was conducted by Janet. I found it relatively easy to follow as a beginner as it focused primarly on strengthening the pelvis so most of the time we were seated on the yoga mat and working on micro movements which were surprising quite fun to do. Janet focused alot on breathing so throughtout the session, she gave instructions to inhale or exhale according to the movemement … which I thought was execellent. Janet also added other familiar yoga poses like downward dog, cat pose & garland pose.
    The Studio is beautiful & clean. It has a good sound system, a strong heater & the mats are clean & new. The classroom is spacious & wide which is fantastic when you need to stretch your body during class. There weren’t any mirrors in the class room … during the session, I couldn’t gauge whether my form was correct or not.

    At the end of the class, Janet gave each of us wet tissue to clean the mat we have used. I thought it was a very good idea so the next student can use a freshly cleaned mat.

    After the class, you can shower & another set of fresh towels are provided. The shower facilities are brand-new! Just remember to bring along your shower gel & shampoo.

    I like this place – it is very clean, new & super modern. It is a plus point that it is a women’s only yoga studio.

    I would love to try our their anti-aging class – which I heard is to activate women’s hormones & resist aging.

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