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22 Malacca Street, #08-00, Singapore 048980

Tel: +65-6235-3938

Focus Pilates is the largest integrated Pilates studio and physiotherapy clinic. Pilates classes and physiotherapy are designed for fitness, rehabilitation and sports conditioning. A real-time ultrasound imager is available onsite to aid in your conditioning. You can also learn Polestar Pilates at the venue located at RB Capital Building, Raffles Place.

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Trial Class
This class is designed so that you can try Pilates on the reformer without signing up for the commitment of a package. This is a beginner exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles and improve your flexibility.
Fundamental Class
The Fundamental program is conducted in small groups or on a private basis. This class will give you the foundation of Pilates principles. It will lasts for three sessions.
Reformer Group Classes
These classes involve doing exercises on a reformer, a Pilates machine which uses a system of pulleys and springs to help you improve your strength, body alignment, flexibility and posture.
Beginner Reformer
Beginner reformer classes are for people who have just completed their fundamental classes or who already have some experience on the reformer.
Multi-level Reformer
This class helps to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate reformer classes. This class is perfect for those wishing to start the transition into intermediate classes from the beginner level or those new to intermediate classes.
Intermediate Reformer
This reformer class is designed for those who have a high level of body awareness and who have mastered the core principles of Pilates.
Cardio Intermediate Reformer
This is a fast paced high-level intermediate class where the emphasis is on controlled dynamic movements designed to challenge all muscles in your body.
Tower Group Classes
Tower classes use half of a trapeze table which has a mat at the base and springs at one end. Tower classes are a great way to build strength while improving your flexibility and posture.
Mat Work Plus Group Classes
Mat work plus classes utilises mat-based Pilates exercises as well as small props including the Pilates circle, foam roller and Pilates arc.
Back care
This class is designed specifically for people with back and neck pain in mind. A physiotherapist will teach this class and give you specific exercises to assist you in building your core strength in order to support your spine.
This class is a high-level beginner class which allows you to use the full range of Pilates equipment usually reserved for private sessions. A circuit of exercises is set up and participants rotate between exercises.
Pre-natal Classes
Prenatal group classes help you to develop muscle tone, body and alignment and flexibility in your body while you are pregnant.
The Gyrokinesis class is conducted on mat or stool. It is a full body workout, focusing on a series of movements that work the spine, joints and muscles giving you overall strengthening, mobility and flexibility.
Pilates for Rehabilitation
They have developed a unique system to help you not only recover from your injury but bring you back to an optimum state of fitness where you are fitter and stronger then before your injury
Strength and Conditioning with TRX
These classes are unique. The TRX exercises are combined with exercises on traditional Pilates equipment such as the Tower (Orchard Studio) and the new Allegro 2 Reformers (Raffles Place studio).
Exercise on the CoreAlign® emphasizes an upright posture and are designed to improveposture, balance and functional movement.
Sports Conditioning
Helps to improve your sporting performance by providing muscle balance, core strength, correct posture, muscle flexibility and muscle efficiency.
They believed in combining Physiotherapy with Pilates to assist in the rehabilitation process.
Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy
Stage One (Initial Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy)
This is for clients with an acute injury or who are referred by a doctor, surgeon, or other healthcare professional.
Stage Two (Rehabilitation and Conditioning with Physio-Pilates)
Physiotherapists use a combination of traditional physiotherapy treatments listed in stage one along with Pilates exercises to improve your strength and flexibility so you can stay pain free.
Stage Three (Fitness Conditioning and Strength Building with Pilates)
This will ensure you maintain and improve your strength, flexibility and posture in a safe environment.
Gyrotonic Exercise
Gyrotonic Exercise
Method is a form of fun, innovative and effective exercise system. It contains effective body-toning elements also found in dance movement, yoga, swimming, gymnastics and tai-chi.
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