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452A Joo Chiat Road, Level 2, Singapore 427665

Tel: +65-6346-6722

My Fitness Pilates specializes in Pilates but also has a few other cool classes! Founded by May Yang -- an accomplished dancer, choreographer, stage performer and fitness instructor -- My Fitness Pilates at Joo Chiat Road also offer classes like Ballet for Adult, Belly Fit (Belly Dancing-based), Jazz, Boxing, Latino Jam. Now, that's a fun way of getting in shape!

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MY FITNESS Indoor Classes
Pilates Reformer
Only Group PT or One to One PT classes
Pilates Matwork
It uses DYNA band with flow routine, Intense conditioning focusing on the body's power house: abdomen, back and rear.
Smooth flow of yoga postures. Improves flexibility and promotes relaxation.
Only Group PT or One to One PT classes
Only Group PT or One to One PT classes
MY FITNESS Private & Corporate Classes
Body conditioning of your Abdominal, Buttocks and Thighs
Adult Ballet
This class explores the essence of ballet set to classical music for all ages. Moderate impact and intensity.
Belly Fit
A class combining traditional belly dance moves with aerobics.
Body Sculpt
Fast paced, high intensity and breathe taking moves with intermediate-pace muscle conditioning.
High impact kick-boxing movements to improve strength and agility.
Contemporary Dance
Improve body co-ordination n isolation of different muscle group.
Give yourself a chance to sashay and shake like a pro in contemporary broadway Jazz style.
Kids Ballet
Ballet for kids from age 3 to 12. Start as a young ballerina. To improve body alignment, posture and rhythm.
Kids Fit
Basic stretching jumping steps mixed with kids' games, and with boxing movement high intensity class to improve your kid's body strength.
Latino Jam
Combination of latino dance and aerobic styles. Focusing on hip movements and footwork
MY Body
Turbo-charged aerobics to improve cardiovascular system
Power yoga
Consists of a dynamic flow of asanas (postures) combined with powerful breathing exercises that works the body, breathing and mind.
Sexy Belly
Modern belly dance incorporating sensuous body coordination.
This yoga class consists of a powerful series of flowing and jumping movements. Great for cardiovascular system.
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