Community Guidelines


We want to make PagePink is a terrific community where you can find really useful information about beauty and wellness services. You can read and write reviews, browse photos, check out services, etc. Therefore, we have developed the following guidelines to keep the content relevant, real, useful for our community:


Many communities member come and read reviews and opinions on our site. To ensure that reviews are useful and relevant. Reviews must be:

  • WRITTEN FROM A REAL EXPERIENCE – We keep it real! We will only accept opinion and reviews that describe actual, in-person, first-hand experiences with the facilities or services of an establishment. General, vague, or non-specific discussion that does not detail a substantial experience will not be posted.
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY LANGUAGE — Let’s keep it clean! We do not allow profanity, threats, hate speech, sexually explicit language, or other type of content that is not relevant or appropriate for our community.
  • ONE REVIEW PER VISIT â€“ We only accept one review per establishment per visit. So please do note write multiple reviews for the same visit to an establishment.
  • ORIGINAL – No copying, please! Our community members value genuine and original opinion. Therefore, we do not accept a review that has been substantially quoted from other sources including (but not limited to) other reviews, websites, emails, etc.
  • NON-COMMERCIAL â€“ You know how you don’t like to be spammed with irrelevant promotional materials. Well, our members also do not like those also. Therefore, we do not allow promotional material/content of any kind. We reserve the right to reject any URL, e-mail address, or phone number for any reason in the reviews.
  • LEGAL – Your reviews must not break any relevant local and international laws. For example:
    • No submitting of fake reviews or paying someone to submit content that benefits your business.
    • No threatening, slandering, or libellous statements. No harassing, invading people’s privacy or impersonating others
    • No scamming people into sharing personal information
    • No stealing or borrowing content from other reviews or other sites.
  • SUBMITTED FOR A CORRECT BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT – Your review must be correctly submitted for the establishment that is listed on our site.
    • The e-mail address on your account must be correct; we may need to contact you if there is a  problem with the review you submitted.

PagePink does not edit reviews, comments, opinions or other user-generated content on the site. However, PagePink reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed to violate our community guideline and term of use at any time.

Depending on the level of offence, violating the community guidelines may result in the termination of your PagePink account without warning.

The reviews posted on PagePink are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of PagePink members and not of PagePink. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers. We are not associated with any establishment listed or reviewed on this web site

In accordance with our privacy policy, PagePink does not release anyone’s personal contact information.