PagePink - Japanese Makeover

5 Places for Japanese-Style Makeover

4 September 2014
The Japanese are legendary about searching out for perfection. That goes for beauty services and treatments also –  whether it’s a beautiful layered haircut, exquisite Read more
Manicurious - transformer & Captain America

Nail Art Trends to Watch

1 September 2014
Nail Art is in-vogue. To give you the low-down on the latest trends, PagePink goes directly to the source and visited the lovely Manicurious at Read more
nail-trends-embellished-white kate spade

Spring Nail Trends

10 May 2014
Easter Parade: If you like a box of colorful macarons, you would like this season’s delicious pastel colors looking ahh so delish & sweet! Metallic: Read more
Bridal Nail Art

Nails fit for a Bride

2 May 2014
  BRIDAL NAIL FOR ONE AND ALL:  Spring and summer is a time of love and there are always weddings are always in bloom. If Read more