PagePink - Japanese Makeover

5 Places for Japanese-Style Makeover

4 September 2014
The Japanese are legendary about searching out for perfection. That goes for beauty services and treatments also –  whether it’s a beautiful layered haircut, exquisite Read more

8 Years of Beauty

29 August 2014
8 years is a long time, especially for staying fresh and beautiful. However, there are individuals and businesses who seem to get better with age. Read more

Maleficent’s $800 Secret

8 June 2014
  MALEFICENT’S SECRET As Disney’s fans know, Maleficent has got a few secrets people wonder about. Why did she hate baby Aurora so much? What Read more
Chanel Fall Winter-Strong Eyebrows

Eyebrows Through The Years

16 May 2014
The next time you party we urge you to try the Chanel’s Fall Winter 2013/14 Haute Couture Strong Eyebrows or Chanel’s 2013 Glitter Eyebrows. We Read more
Ultimate Facials-Gold Facials

Ultimate Facials!

5 May 2014
  There used to be a time when getting a facial meant someone massaging your face with nice oil and cream. Now, facials are getting Read more

3 Steps To Brighten Dull Skin

15 April 2014
Exfoliate Your first step is to clean out dead skin cells that clog your pores and make your skin look tired. Choose a pore-clarifying cleanser Read more
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