Why You Need A Brain Vacation Right Now!

16 May 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag: ,

By Ruchika Upadhyaya

This summer, many of us will take time off work to go on a holiday or spend it with family and friends and most of us will feel guilty for doing so. We will worry about the work piling up at office, we will continue to compulsively check our e-mails and messages during this time off. Be careful of such false breaks.

PagePink - Your brain neeeds a vacation

Your brain, on an ongoing basis is assaulted with facts, pseudo-facts, news feeds and jibber jabber coming from all directions. Here are some over-whelming facts:

  • According to a 2011 study, we take in an equivalent of 174 newspapers’ worth of information on a typical day. A five-fold increase from it’s 1986 equivalent.
  • We watch an average of 5 hours of television per day.
  • For every hour of YouTube we watch, there are around 6000 hours of new video just posted.

It is important that we understand that the processing capacity of the conscious mind is limited. The brain, essentially operates under two dominant modes of attention, only one of them active at one time:

  1. The task positive network or the Central Executive which is active when we are engaged in a task, focused on it and undistracted.
  2. The task negative network or the Daydreaming Mode when our mind is wandering.

There is however a third component of the attentional system – the attentional filter which basically tells you what to ignore and what to pay attention to.


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