Simple and Advanced Tips to Tighten Your Pores

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by Pagepink’s Stylemaker Dr. Daniel Chang

You cannot get rid of pores. They pepper your face, and commonly appear enlarged on your nose and cheeks. You have exhausted every recommended skincare product in the market, and are still unable to make them look smaller. Don’t fret. Here are a few tips to aid your pore-tightening woes.

What are enlarged pores?

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Before you can tackle the problem, you need to first gain a better understanding of it. Pores are akin to breathing holes for your skin, and they tend to grow in size with age.

What causes enlarged pores?

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Enlarged pores are caused by 3 main reasons.

  1. Impurities like dead skin, debris and excess oil are trapped in the pores, causing them to grow.
  2. Ageing results in the loss of collagen and elastic, thus losing the tautness of your skin and distending the pores.
  3. Environmental factors like smoking and sun exposure speeds up the ageing process via collagen breakdown.

4 simple tips to reduce the size of your pores

1. Protect yourself from the sun. Never leave your house without sun block.

pagepink - sunblockUse sun block (source)

2. Exfoliate your face with products that contain glycolic acid to remove the dead skin cells and excess oil.

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Exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells (source)

3. Consume more antioxidants to help reduce photodamage to your skin as well as the loss of collagen and elastin.

antioxidants - pagepinkConsume more anti-oxidants to reduce photodamage (source)

4. Cleanse, tone and moisturise regularly to help reduce impurities clogging and distending your pores.

cleanse - pagepinkCleanse and tone your face (source)

If you are still unsatisfied with your pores after following these tips, here are some possible advanced treatments you can explore.

4 advanced tips to reduce the size of your pores

1. Lasers:

carbon peel - pagepinkCarbon Peel can aid in pore refining, oil reduction and rejuvnation of dull skin (source)

Precise use of lasers to build collagen and tighten pores can go a long way in improving one’s appearance. For example, the Carbon Peel can aid in pore refining, oil reduction and rejuvenation of dull skin. This treatment is popular with Hollywood stars, who undergo the Carbon Peel before red carpet events to achieve a soft glow and healthy complexion.

2. RF Microneedling:

microneedling - pagepinkRF Microneeding can induce collagen and tighten pores (source)

Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of microneedling coupled with Radiofrequency heat energy to induce collagen and tighten pores.

3. Thermage:

thermage - pagepinkThermage utilitses heat to induce immediate collagen contraction (source)

This is an advanced Radiofrequency machine, which utilises heat to induce immediate collagen contraction and subsequent remodelling. It can be used as a mini skin-lift, to tighten pores and increase radiancy and vibrancy.

4. Microbotox:

microbotox - pagepink Microbotox is efective in reducing pore size (source)

Microbotox has been effective in reducing pore size, oil production, sweat production and achieve overall skin tightening. However, this is still an off-label indication so it is wise to speak to your dermatologist for further information.

Small pores are possible!

  PagePink - Dr Daniel Chang

Dr. Daniel Chang is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and holds a post graduate membership from the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS UK). He maintains a blog on medical aesthetic,beauty, health and wellness.


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