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19 March 2015   Category: Body, Face, Hair, Wellness   Tag:

We are proud to introduce our first batch of Hall of Fame Reviewers. These ladies are handpicked to share their experiences at selected beauty and wellness places. Thank you Sheena Phua, Jessie Ting and Herna Mohari.

We aggregate these beauty and wellness reviews to help you make an informed decision when selecting your preferred place.

So, take some time to read and discover places you haven’t been and get a first-hand understanding of the services before trying it.

If you are a beauty enthusiast or a fitness junkie, we invite you to be part of PagePink Hall of Fame Reviewers! Please give us a shout at, we love to hear from you.

Kindly note:  PagePink does not advise or provide editorial inputs on reviewers’ opinions.

Hall of Fame Reviewer Sheena Phua

Model, Blogger & Winner of Cleo’s K-Pop Face 2015

PagePink-Hall of Fame Reviewer-Sheena Phua

Sheena Phua is the winner of Cleo’s Hottest K-Pop Face 2015 & model for The Face Shop. Known for her Korean feminine good looks, many ladies look to Sheena Phua for Korean beauty inspirations.

Latest Reviews: Dusol Beauty Hair Salon, Datsumo Labo, Browtisan By Coco

Hall of Fame Reviewer Jessie Ting

Grand winner of Best Beauty Blog 2014, Singapore

My Fat Pocket Blogger & Owner of Beauty Recipe

Jessie Ting-PagePink-Hall of Fame Reviewers

Cosmopolitan Jessie grew up in Singapore, lived in England and South Korea. Jessie treasures her time outside of Singapore which had exposed her to new lifestyles, food, beauty and fashion. Jessie hopes her blog can help women to be more confident & be successful in whatever they do.

Latest Reviews: Reene Farm Aesthetiques, Molly Coddle Spa By Dr Cindy, Lush Aesthetics

Hall of Fame Reviewer Herna Mohari

Yoga Teacher

Herna Mohari-Yoga Teacher-PagePink-Hall of Fame Reviewers

Herna is a passionate yoga instructor. Herna loves beautiful yoga poses and inspires her students with wonderful life quotes.”We all move differently… falling is one of the ways of moving.”

Latest Reviews: Yoga Inc. Nail Air Nex


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