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By Pagepink Staff Writer Chelsea Tan

I am standing on the clean carpeted floors of True Aesthetics (Novena), greeted by its sleek interior adorned with plush sofas that lend a touch of posh. While well-reputed for its IPL, skin treatments and eyebrow embroidery, not many are aware of its specialisation in Tui Na, and Pagepink reader Monica and I had the luxury to experience True Aesthetics’ Tui Na treatment.

pagepink tuina 1Monica and Pagepink writer Chelsea before the Tui Na treatment.

pagepink tuina 2Monica getting ready for her Tui Na treatment.

With deep roots in Chinese medicine, it is reassuring that the Tui Na masseuses at True Aesthetics were trained for years in China. The treatment led us to a minimalist-chic yet elegant room, starting with the application of lavender oil on our backs meant for moisturising and soothing aches. The masseuses deftly worked with their palms, knuckles and fingertips, administering a medley of presses, kneads and tapping working from the back of our necks down to our backs and soles of our feet, and moving right back up to the top of our heads – literally a head to toe treatment.

pagepink tuina 3Monica having her back pressed with flat palms – one of the most common Tui Na techniques.

True Aesthetics prides themselves on their adaptive nature capable of suiting each individual’s needs, the masseuses each tackled differing parts of both Monica and my bodies. As Monica had a more “heaty” disposition – according to traditional Chinese medicine – the masseuse worked on her back more to dispel the heat, while my masseuse worked on my neck and lymph nodes more to relieve the tight knots and to dispel toxins. I was thankful that our individual masseuses took longer periods of time to tackle our problem areas, while holistically and meticulously working on the other parts of the body, from our foreheads, arms and legs – including a foot and head massage, of which Monica announced that she deeply enjoyed.

pagepink-true-aesthetics- tuina massage-640x425
Having worked all the way down to the toes, the masseuse moved back up for a head massage.

On top of promoting blood circulation and relaxing the muscles, Tui Na aids in removing blockages along the meridians of the body, while stimulating the flow of energy “qi” and blood to promote healing from within. Highly geared towards restorative purposes, the masseuses recommend once a week treatments for highly stressed individuals to half or once a month treatments otherwise. They warned that one’s first Tui Na experience will be mildly painful, but the benefits are far-reaching.

pagepink-True Aesthtics- tuina-5-640x425
Monica having even her forehead massaged.

This resonates with Monica’s sentiments, a first-timer with Tui Na, who experienced pain that waned as the treatment progressed. She reports feeling a lighter body, of which the masseuse warn may ache for a day post-treatment, but a less tense and more relaxed body will follow with the improvement of blood flow. The masseuse also warns that patients with extremely high blood pressure levels or heart diseases should refrain from undergoing Tui Na, while pregnant women could opt for a pre-natal massage after the first trimester, also available at True Aesthetics.

PagePink-True Aesthtics-Tui Na

Monica having even her shoulders massaged.

pagepink tuina 7Contented faces post-treatment!

Overall, Monica recommends Tui Na at True Aesthetics, although she suggests that one should do more research on Tui Na before undergoing treatments.


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PagePink-True Aesthtics-Tuina
Exterior of True Aesthetics (Novena).

True Aesthetics (Novena) is located at Blk 2 Thomson Road #01-653 Balestier Shopping Center Singapore 320002, (Opposite Thomson Medical Center), while its Orchard branch can be found at Orchard Central #06-18, 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896. However, note that only Novena branch offers Tui Na Massage.

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