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By Chelsea Tan

COVO hair salon is a Japanese hair salon nestled in the heart of Keong Saik Road. It caters to locals, Japanese and Caucasian expat customers, with their keen knowledge in the differing hair types and preferences of different customers, and their bilingual capabilities. Sjiva De Meester had the opportunity to undergo a hair makeover by COVO, and we bring you the scoop.

pagepink-covo beforeSjiva before the makeover.

Sjiva’s curly mane took the hit from Singapore’s high humidity, and desires her hair to be rejuvenated and more manageable. Upon examination of Sjiva’s hair, hairstylist Yoshi decided to clean up the ends of the hair, which were messy and too dry, along with to apply treatment to soften and smoothen her hair. As Singapore is relatively humid, Yoshi also decided not to overly layer Sjiva’s hair, for that would render it harder to manage.

Sjiva first had her hair washed with carbonated water – which is offered free to every customer – so as to allow the deep cleansing of grime and dirt from her scalp pores. Carbonated water also has the additional benefits of removing dirt and chemicals from hair, reconditioning the cuticles and improving blood circulation of scalp.

Yoshi then applied the COVO Original Treatment, using a steam machine and COVO’s original treatment products to smoothen and soften Sjiva’s hair. The treatment products are originally concocted, and complement each other. Blend 1 strengthens the hair structure, Blend 2 moisturises and conditions the hair, and Blend 3 moisturises hair while coating the previous two blends.

According to Sjlva, the treatment experience was relaxing and rejuvenating. Yoshi recommends that customers undergo the COVO Original Treatment once a month for maximum effects.

PagePink- Covo Hair Makeover - Steamer

Sjiva undergoing the COVO Original Treatment.

Yoshi then proceeded to cut Sjiva’s hair. According to Yoshi, while Asians prefer a more layered, adorable hairstyle, Caucasians prefer a more elegant look. He gathered this information from his 11 years of hairstyling experience, with 8 years in Tokyo and 3 years in New York.

PagePink Hair Makoever- Yoshi Front Cut

Yoshi cutting Sjiva’s fringe.

PagePink Covo -Hair Makeover- Yoshi Side Cut

Yoshi then proceeds to trim the messy ends of Sjiva’s hair, as well as to layer it.

After the deft application of Yoshi’s scissors, Yoshi went on to blowdry and style Sjiva’s hair to provide more voluminous and elegant curls.

PagePink - Covo- Hair Makeover- Yoshi blows hair

Yoshi styling Sjiva’s hair.

PagePink-Covo- Hair Makeover - Sjiva

Sjiva looking contented mid-treatment.

PagePink -Covo Hair Salon- Makeover

Sjiva’s golden locks after the makeover from the back.

PagePink - Covo Hair Makeover- Sjiva

Sjiva looking satisfied after the makeover.

Sjiva reveals that she is very happy with the results, and Yoshi’s accommodating nature puts her at ease during the hair makeover experience; Yoshi conscientiously seeks to suit her preferences, by asking her questions, without forcing a certain pre-determined style on her, while at the same time providing recommendations. There was also hardly any language barriers, which she was initially worried about, as Yoshi could communicate well in English.

Sjiva is also delighted that her hair now feels very soft, and has made up her mind to blow dry her hair more often, as well as to go for a hair cut every 2 months.

On the whole, Sjiva recommends COVO hair salon and hairstylist Yoshi!

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