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by Sara Jane Ong

For most of us, we have to wake up at wee hours in the morning to start applying eye makeup and mascara to make our eyelashes look thicker and fuller before we head to work. And of course, mascara can really be a hassle at times, they either don’t make your eyes look big enough, or they might smudge, making you look like a panda halfway through your day.

While searching for ways to combat this issue, we stumbled onto eyelash extensions — where you can get synthetic eyelashes attached to your own eyelash to make them look longer and fuller, thus giving the impression of natural mascara already being applied to your lashes and make your eyes look brighter.

KJStudio-Eyelash Extension

KJStudio Eyelash Extension Beautiful and Cosy Room

KJStudio is one of the few studios in Singapore that hires experienced Japanese beauticians to conduct Russian Eyelash Extensions with precision and skill. Each eyelash is carefully and meticulously placed on the customer’s eyelash by the dainty professionals at the studio to make them look super natural, thus taking up to 2 hours at times for the eyelash extension to complete. Russian Volume Lashes can last up to 6 weeks to 7 weeks or indefinitely if maintained with refills. And besides Russian Eyelash Extension, KJStudio also offers Classic Standard Eyelash Extensions.

We had the opportunity to send our lovely friend Katharina to KJStudio to undergo a session of eyelash treatment recently, and we were really impressed by the results.

PagePink-KJStudio - Katharina Before

Katharina (Before the eyelash extension)

Katharina was really nervous at first as it was her first time going for an eyelash extension, asking many questions like:”I have an office job, will the lashes be too flashy?” or “Will they look natural?”

She was also interested in having a “au naturel” look to go with her office job, which the beautician Kazumi could definitely do.

After a short consultation session done by the Kazumi, it was decided that Katharina would go for the “Russian Volume Lash”, an eyelash extension that makes use of fan- shaped lashes to make lashes look thicker.Not many eyelash extension studios provide this service now as it requires a lot more skill and precision compared to a single eyelash extension. Russian Lashes are a lot more dramatic, it has 200-500 eyelash extensions as compared to classic with only 80-100 lashes. The Russian Volume Lashes are lighter and finer therefore multiple lashes can be applied without looking clumpy or heavy. Typically 2D gives you 200 lashes per eye and 3D gives you 300 lashes per eye. Each Russian Volume Lash has up to 5 splits, it is soft and light, so that they will not weigh down on your lashes and cause any breakage. Kazumi chose the 2D and 3D lashes for Katharina.


Volume lashes

 Prices for the Volume lash start from $160 for the 2D lashes to $280 for unlimited 6D lashes

Classic single lash extension starts from $80 and unlimited lashes (140 lashes or more) costs $150

Here are some of the steps taken during the eyelash extension:

1. Choose the type of eyelash

In Katharina’s case, the mix of 2D and 3D lashes were chosen to make her lashes look more natural since she has an office job. After the lashes we chosen, they were laid out on a board for the beautician to choose from when applying the lashes.

Katharina all relaxed and prepared to get her eyelash extensions

Katharina all relaxed and prepared to get her eyelash extensions

2. Stick tape at the lower part of the eye

This step is really important, as the part of the eye needs to be protected during the process. Tweezers are used to pick the eyelash to stick on the natural lashes, so the tape is needed to protect the face from the tweezers.


PagePink-KJStudio- Eyelash Extension - Glue it

Katharina’s lashes getting cleaned from dirt and oil

3. Clean the eyelashes

The cleaning of the lashes ensures that excess oils are taken out of the lash, ensuring that the synthetic lashes stick onto the natural ones better. Also, on that day, there was some residue mascara left on Katharina’s lashes, so that had to be cleaned off as well.

4. Glue the synthetic lashes on the natural ones

Kazumi then meticulously sticks each synthetic eyelash on Katharina’s lashes, making sure that they’re glued near the root so that they look natural. She also rotates between sticking the lashes on both eyes instead of finishing one and moving on to the next.

“It gives time for the glue to dry before I start sticking more lashes again,” Kazumi says, “If I were to focus on one eye, the lashes might clump together.”

It’s also important for Kazumi not to stick any synthetic lashes onto any of Katharina’s baby hairs. The lashes may be too heavy for the baby hairs and might cause them to fall off.

5. Dry the glue on the lashes

Kazumi then uses a mini-fan to make sure the glue is dry and the lashes are properly stuck to Katharina’s eyelashes.


PagePink-KJStudio-Eyelash Extension - Down Look

Katharina’s long and beautiful lashes

PagePink-KJStudio-Before and After

Before the eyelash extension (top), After the eyelash extension (bottom)

A total of 420 Russian Volume Lashes was placed onto Katharina’s eyelashes, but they still look natural, giving her a bright and refreshed look. Even Katharina couldn’t believe it.

“It feels comfortable,” she exclaimed while looking into the mirror, “Fake lashes often gives you a heavy feeling on your eyelids, but this feels really great.”

Of course, to make them last longer, there are some tips to follow after getting the extension done:

  • Don’t put mascara.
  • Avoid using oil-based makeup or makeup remover on the eye as it might cause the lashes to fall out.
  • Avoid letting them touch water three to four hours after the procedure.

PagePink-Eyelash Extension - Before and After

 Before (left), after (right)

The Russian Volume Lash is a new menu at KJStudio, and price starts from $160. There is also a touch-up and full removal menu, and you can check out the KJStudio’s price list. The Classic single lash extension starts from $80 and unlimited lashes (140 lashes or more) at $150.

Special KJStudio Promotion Till End of July’15

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  • And get 10% off for all other menu for new customers for 1 time only and valid time end of July’15.

Call KJStudio 6221 6209 to schedule an appointment and inform them you first heard it on PagePink to receive the discount.

PagePink-KJStudio- Eyelash Extension- Group Photo

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Curious about Katharina and her healthy lifestyle in Singapore? Follow Katharina on instagram @Kathaklaeser.


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