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by Pagepink Stylemaker Janice Mok

There are thousands of tutorials online that you could probably find with a click of a button on Google. So now, instead of delving into the usual, “What should we do to have the Best Smokey Eye” straight away; I would like to educate you, to the various techniques, tips and tricks that would suit you as an individual. So then, you walk away deciphering what tutorial videos to watch, and which you rather skim over.


Fei Fei- Make up



Asians are blessed with the most uniquely shaped eyes, and are therefore one of the most difficult to apply makeup for. Many even have uneven lids, double eyelids that are hooded, or monolids.

Depending on what eye shape you have, a different makeup application is needed to correct your eyes into the most universally beautiful shape of an almond. So grab a mirror and have a closer look on which eye shape you have according to the chart below. Once you have identified it, I will be sharing more on which technique to apply. It is also not uncommon to have a crossover between 2 types of eye shapes.

Here’s a video of how to determine your eyes’ shape from Smashbox & Sephora.



Know your own eye shape before starting to put your eye makeup on


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