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by PagePink’s Stylemaker Wu Yi Lin

Let’s be straight about this; not everyone is blessed with the gorgeous mane of shampoo models at birth. This does not mean that you should despair about your hair. The key to giving your hair a fresh breath of life is to get to the root of your hair woes, and celebrity hair stylist Wu Yi Lin has some simple tips to help spruce up your coiffure.

Dry Hair

pagepink - dry hair

 Overcome dry hair with hydrating conditioners or hair masks (source)

Split ends, entanglement and regularly dull hair are your main concerns. One of the possible causes is the uneven distribution of oil to your hair. Combat this by opting for a conditioner or hair mask that hydrates, deeply moisturises and conditions your hair. Or use a suitable salon treatment to deeply moisturize and hydrate your hair.

Oily Hair

pagepink - oily hair

Tackle oily hair by avoiding moisturising or rich hair products (source)

Your hair constantly falls flat and limp, and is difficult to style with its oily nature. This could be due to the overproduction of sebum from your scalp. Steer clear from hair products that are moisturising or heavy in texture to prevent this. You can try scalp treatment to deeply cleanse scalp. Avoid long gliding stroke massage as this stimulates oil secretion. Use shower head to create gentle stream of water to rinse/ massage head. Do ensure that the water temperature is within 25 – 30 degree celsius.

Weak Hair

pagepink - weak hair

Strengthen your hair with scalp massage and products (source)

Breakage is common to you, even at the slightest pull. What’s more, your newly grown hair is usually a very fine fuzz. This hair woe is likely due to your weak nutrition and weak blood circulation. Thus, improve your blood circulation by massaging your scalp, and complement this with using hair strengthening products.

Frizzy Hair

pagepink - frizzy hair

Achieve smoother hair by preventing high exposure to heat (source)

People with natural curls and/or coarse hair tend to end up with frizzy hair. It could be due to a lack of moisture from overexposure to humidity, sun and strong wind, or you could be facing severely damaged hair which is usually porous and absorbs too much moisture. On the other hand, your frizzy mane could simply be hereditary, which is absolutely gorgeous. Still, if you desire to de-frizz your hair, look to hair products specially formulated for frizzy hair, and prevent further exposure to heat by using suitable hair styling products.

Chemically Stressed Hair

pagepink - chemically stressed hair

Revive your hair with hair treatments and specially formulated hair products (source)

You are upset that your hair colour has faded and your hair lacks lustre, especially after a perm, rebonding or hair colouring. This is likely due to the lack of hair treatments and the use of wrong products. Simply use hair care products that are formulated for chemically treated hair to rejuvenate your hair.


pagepink - dandruff

Relieve dandruff by deeply cleansing your scalp (source)

An itchy scalp and white flakes are no strangers to you. Dandruff is usually associated to either a dry scalp, or an oily scalp, depending on your scalp type. To ease your itchy scalp and dandruff, deeply cleanse your scalp with the appropriate scalp treatments and using scalp shampoo that is specially formulated for dandruff.

Hereditary Hair Loss

pagepink - hereditary hair loss

Seek medical help to easy further hair loss (source)

You face a receding hair line, usually beginning at the forehead, and your hair begins to thin. This is likely caused by the over-secretion of sebum. Apart from keeping your scalp clean, you should also seek medical help.

Occasional Hair Loss

pagepink - occasional hair loss

Prevent hair loss by eating well, resting well and maintaining good hygiene (source)

Your crown is facing sudden hair loss, on top of your hair looking dull. This is due to hormonal imbalance, diet deficiencies, stress, late nights, lack of rest, medication, treatments, or even inappropriate and prolonged tying of hair. To ease this hair woe, simply have a balanced diet, good hygiene habits, and stay relaxed.

Hair 510 Wu Yi Lin

Hair Maestro Wu Yi Lin is the resident hairstylist in the variety hit show Lady’s First which airs in Taiwan and Singapore. Yi Lin has styled celebrities like Ah Mei and Wang Li Hom. She owns Hair 510  in Singapore and Women 510 in Taipei.




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