Calisthenics For A Fitter & Leaner You

20 February 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag: , ,

by Pagepink’s Stylemaker Cassie Massey

Many fitness trends come and go, often passing through our consciousness before we can blink. Some seem to require odd-looking equipment, specialist gyms or even a degree in mechanical engineering. Whilst these forms of physical activity definitely have their value, and add infinite possibilities to our workouts, there is one type of workout that will always be accessible. Requiring nothing but the resistance of your own bodyweight, calisthenics is a great way to stay fit without the need for equipment.



 Calisthenics can make you stronger while getting fit



Simply put, calisthenics are bodyweight exercises, often combining strength training, stretches, movement and inertia to create physique-sculpting resistance training that can be done in parks, on beaches or in the comfort of your own home. They can range from the simple; i.e. a bodyweight squat, push-up or plank, to the physics defying workouts. i.e. muscle ups, handstand walks and planches. Calisthenic workouts can be taken to such advanced levels that it has even become a competitive sport in Australia.

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 Calisthenics can be done almost anywhere


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