8 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress Now

15 May 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag: ,

By Ruchika Upadhyaya

What are the things that stress you out?

It could be something as simple as burning a toast, getting stuck in a traffic jam before an important meeting, being in crowded places, health issues of near and dear ones, conflicts in relationships and work…well the list could go on and on.

What if I told you now that YOU yourself have the ability to reduce the impact of stress on your body and mind? Mastering the art of calming yourself down in stressful situations doesn’t come easy. It requires a bit of practice, and it also requires you to be mindful and acknowledge the fact that you are stressed out before you begin the process of fixing it. It is important that you identify your body’s stress response. Do you have a tendency to clench your fists, breathe shallow, get angry or agitated or do you feel tightness in your stomach or shoulders? You might even become depressed and spaced out when you are stressed.

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Once you recognize the signs of stress you can go about working on it. Yoga and meditation work wonders for improving your coping skills. But chanting while sitting in a lotus posture during a job interview isn’t really the way to go. Or rolling out a yoga mat and going into a headstand during a disagreement with your spouse isn’t ideal (though I can’t say I’ve never done this). For these situations you need something more immediate and accessible. That’s what this article is about. Here are 8 tried and tested ways to relieve stress immediately.


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