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17 May 2015   Category: Hair  

by Chelsea Tan

Worried about hair loss, oily scalp, or general hair and scalp problems? So was I, especially with my regime of little sleep and increasing hair loss. While there is a plethora of information easily available online, I realised that it was recommended (and less troublesome) to just seek professional advice and fully understand how my scalp structure works, as well as how it reacts to stress, hormones, and the elements.


With TrichoKare the recipient of Most Trusted Trichological Centre, along with its reputation of using a Trichological Approach to tackle hair and scalp conditions, I had a Tricho-Scan and Tricho-Analysis for a detailed diagnosis of hair and scalp problems, fully conducted by a professional and certified trichologist at the Orchard Gateway branch.

PagePink-Trichokare -Trocho Scan-Orchard Gateway

TrichoKare offers the personalised service of Ask the Expert, and provided me with  comprehensive advice on my individualized hair and scalp condition. Apparently, I have oily and reddish scalp, in part due to my bad habit of sleeping late. Due to my oily scalp, I had clogged scalp pores, and my hair cannot grow as thickly and strongly as it could. This has also led to slight hair loss, for my hair is thin and can fall out easily. Thankfully, I consulted the advice of a trichologist, for otherwise I would remain ignorant to my scalp issues, as these cannot be identified with the blind eye.

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TrichoKare thus recommended me with the Purification Detox Treatment based on my personalised hair and scalp issues. TrichoKare believes in getting a natural head of hair with European herbal hair remedy treatments and products, and thus began with a mask concocted exclusively with European herbs.

PagePink-Trichokare-Scalp Mask


TrichoKare’s products are formulated by herbalist, and its treatments are devised from a broad array of natural European botanicals tested and proven effective by European herbalists over the centuries to solve the root problem of one’s hair and scalp. Treatments are targeted to improve scalp pH level, metabolism rate, stabilize sebum production, and promote healthy cell growth.

The European herbal mask was applied meticulously by a professional staff on every inch of my scalp. While the mask was a little cold, the application was completely smooth and comfortable.

PagePink-Trichokare-Applying Mask- Healthy Scalp

TrichoKare also offered a drink, a snack, reading materials while I enjoyed my treatment in a massage chair, which was a nice, pampering touch.


After 20 minutes, I had my hair washed and conditioned. During the wash, my scalp and neck were luxuriously massaged. The staff constantly checked if the temperature of the water or the pressure of the massage was to my taste. My neck was then propped comfortably with a hot towel while the conditioner was left to penetrate my hair as I rested. 


A tonic was then sprayed on every inch of my scalp, then soothingly massaged in.

PagePink-Trichokare-Healthy Hair & Scalp

I was reassured that products used in TrichoKare deliver the best of ancient herbal lore and modern scientific know-how, providing my scalp with synergistic and integrative benefits. All products used are non-harmful to both my scalp and hair.

While I was massaged, I comfortably sat back in a massage chair while enjoying a brew of soothing herbal infused aromatic tea. I was also cushioned with a warm shoulder pad that encourages relaxation to improve your blood circulation while treating my hair loss and scalp problem.


Subsequently, Infrared light was shone on my scalp for approximately 10 minutes to aid absorption of the tonic.

PagePink-Trichokare-Infra red

The staff also meticulously blowdried and styled my hair, which was a really nice touch.


I then had another Tricho-Scan to observe the effects of the personalised treatment.

Trichocare- Post treatment  copy

My scalp was visibly cleaner, less reddish and was cleared of most of my dandruff. At the same time, many of my pores were not clogged anymore, which means that my hair can grow thicker and stronger, and not thin and as susceptible to hair loss.

The Tricologist informed me that one treatment only offered 5% of the benefits, and if I wanted a lasting clean and strong scalp with less hair loss, it is recommended for newcomers to undergo treatment twice every week. However, treatment will decrease gradually, to once every week then once every month.

Following the treatment, and to better take care of my scalp and hair, I was advised to sleep early (10.30pm to 11.30pm was the recommended timing), and to use shampoo specifically targeted at my issues. Since I have slight hair loss and dandruff, I was recommended to alternate between shampoo for hair loss and dandruff. I was also advised to tie my hair less tightly, to prevent and lessen the reddish-ness in my scalp.

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If you are suffering from hair loss, or any general hair and scalp issues, TrichoKare can offer you an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment, all while providing a fully enjoyable and pampering experience.

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