6 Popular Japanese Hair Salons In Singapore

15 May 2015   Category: Featured, Hair  

by Sara Jane Ong

The Japanese style of service known as “kikubari” pronounced “key-koo-BAH-ree is special. It includes everything from letting clients feel relaxed and happy, to serving you Japanese tea and greeting you at the door with genuine smiles and polite gestures.

Aside from great hospitality and service, the Japanese also comes up with unique types of styling, giving you a different look for your hair. Compared to Korean salons, which focus on volume with services like volume magic rebonding, Japanese salons focus heavily on layering. This style of hair cutting gives you a textured look, while dying your hair a milky brown, giving you a trendy look.

Interested in Japanese hair salons yet? Here are 6 Japanese hair salons for you to go to today!

1. Covo Hair Salon

In Italian, the word “Covo” means “a hiding place” and Covo Hair Salon provides you just that — complete with a private and relaxing time at the salon. With modern wooden boards placed in between each seat, the salon provides you privacy when your hairstylist treats or cuts your hair. Covo Hair Salon uses Vidal Sassoon Techniques, which creates the best hairstyle to match your face shape, bones structure, eye colour, and even your skin tone.


Covo Hair Salon - Japanese Hair Salons

 Hair Treatment at Covo Hair Salon (image credit: Covo)


Japanese Hair Salons - Covo

Hair colored at Covo Hair Salon (image credit: Covo)

If you are in for a color, try the Manic Panic semi-permanent hair colour ($50). Or a hair treatment, try the Head Spa with Carbonated Spring Water ($50), which will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.


covo hair salon- japanese hair salons

Hair cut and color at Covo Hair Salon (photo credit: Sarah’s Loft)

Ladies hair cut starts at $100. Covo Hair Salon is located at 43 Keong Saik Road. Read here for customers’ reviews of Covo Hair Salon.


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