6 Chic Moms On Instagram We Love

25 April 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag:

This year Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday,10 May’15.  In Singapore, moms celebrate this special occasion with their families with lovely lunches and bouquet of flowers. This year, PagePink profiles 6 Chic Moms on Instagram we love and follow. We wish all Mothers “Happy Mother’s Day and your kids are simply adorable!”

Jen: Instagram @jlipose

” I work out so that I can have my cake and eat it. ” Jen is a fitness, health, fashion and yoga mommy enthusiast and has a huge instagram following of over 8k followers.

We adore her 3 kids and especially the new born chubby Miss E as Jen affectionately calls her.

PagePink- Chic Hot Moms

“#throwbackthursdays #tbt take me back to the#maldives when we were on our babymoon! Well take me back without the bump now . There is so much talk on social media about #pregnancyabs and how big a certain bump should be. This is me at#7monthspregnant. Everyone’s bump is different depending how you carry the baby (this photo particularly makes me look small cause of my pose otherwise…I looked like I was full term on the island!). And for the record…there is no such thing as pregnancy abs..it’s the remainder of the abs that you used to have before getting pregnant. If you want pregnancy abs, give me an airbrush and I’ll paint one for you.”

PagePink- Hot Chic Mom

“#21weekspostpartum #crowpose over baby. It’s playtime!”

PagePink-Hot Chic Mom

“#33weekspostpartum from this past weekend. The kids wanted me to take them for a swim. Of course Babies! But first lemme take a shameless #selfie. Yup this body gave birth to 3 kids and to say I work out hard for health reasons only is BS. I work out hard so I can be stronger and in turn it makes me feel good about myself. It has given me endurance to run around with my crazy energetic boys. But a big part of it is that it has given me the confidence to wear what I want #yesiamvain”


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