5 Yoga Poses for New Moms To Beat Postpartum Depression

17 April 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag: , ,

By Ruchika Upadhyaya

If you are a new mom, you don’t need me to remind you how psychologically detached you feel from your own body. Not only do you have a new bundle of sweetness to love, you also have a sore back and tight shoulders like you have never known before. When you are probably exhausted most of the times and feeling like a stranger in your own body – Yoga might be the last thing on your mind. But just a 4-5 minute practice each day can not only speed up your recovery, it can reconnect your body, mind and even battle postpartum depression. Even if you have never practiced before, there are plenty of poses to help build up your strength and flexibility. Here are 5 Yoga poses for new mothers to get you started on your fitness journey.

Unfortunately, the abdominal muscles go through the most strain and they almost never snap back to into shape. It takes more than a good amount of effort to slip easily into those pre-pregnancy jeans. Before you give up and make maternity pants a way of life, try these poses to retrain those muscles and work on knitting them back together. These poses are safe to practice for mommies recovering from a C-section as well to rebuild core strength and work on toning the soft and overstrained abdominal muscles. Although it is safe to practice many Yoga postures within the first six weeks of delivery, it is advised to speak to your physician before you start.

Cat – Cow Stretch

A wonderful way to start your yoga practice. This is such a delicious stretch for those tired neck and back muscles sore from nursing and carrying the baby.


Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

How to:

  • Begin on your mat on hands and knees with your palms right below the shoulders and knees right below the hips.
  • Cat Pose – As you exhale, round your spine up towards the ceiling. Really engage the abs and pull your belly button upwards to the spine. Tuck your chin to the chest to lengthen and release your neck muscles.
  • Cow Pose – As you inhale, arch your back releasing the belly button towards the floor and loosen the abs. Also lift your head and tailbone towards the ceiling without putting any unnecessary pressure on your neck.
  • Continue to flow for 10 breaths inhaling for Cow pose and exhaling for Cat pose.


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