5 Running Workouts To Make You A Better Runner

3 March 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag: , ,

By PagePink Stylemaker Derek Li

Very often, you can look at detailed training plans that are aimed at preparing you for a particular race, and for a novice runner, the detail and complexity of the plans can be a bit daunting. Here, I will endeavour to break down the key types of running workouts that make up the bulk of most training plans and hopefully give you an idea of the logic behind each running workout. I have listed the running workouts in order of importance. For example, if you are really time crunched and can only run 2-3 times a week, then you should stick to only doing tempos and fartleks and forego the rest.  Follow these 5 running workouts to make you a better runner.

Tempo Runs

PagePink- Tempo Run-workouts for runner

Temp run focus on the development of aerobic fitness

Tempo runs can be considered the backbone of most running programmes. They focus on the development of aerobic fitness, i.e. the pace you can hold while delaying the build-up of lactic acid in your legs for a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, there is not a widely accepted norm for what constitutes tempo pace, but for the purposes of long distance running, I would simply define the pace as your 1-hour maximum effort.

A typical tempo run would involve a short warm-up of 5-10min, followed by the main tempo segment lasting 20-40mins, and ends off with a 5-10min cool-down jog. Tempo runs are meant to be reasonably onerous in effort, so expect to feel somewhat winded at the end of it. If you are just starting out, and are not yet at a fitness level to complete a 1-hour run, then I would estimate the tempo effort as one where you can speak in short phrases intermittently for ~20mins.


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