5 Inspiring Singapore Female Fitness Gurus

8 March 2015   Category: Wellness   Tag:

Sunday 8 March is International Women’s Day. This year marks the 107th year and the theme is  – “Celebrate women’s achievement, call for greater equality, make it happen.”

We profile 5 women who have inspired us with their determination to pursue their goals and live life to the fullest. We have selected individuals whom we have met, spoken and collaborated & have been inspired by them.

1. Jessica Sinclair, Co-Founder & Yoga Teacher Trainer at Iha Yoga

Jessica Sinclair, founder, yoga teacher trainer of Iha Yoga had scoliosis and suffered from pain and numbness in her back all her life. In 2012, Jessica was introduced to yoga by her doctors to improve on her curvature of her spine. Jessica fell in love with yoga and realized that her crooked back was straightening and her overall quality of life has improved. Inspired, Jessica set up Iha Yoga together with Nicole He.

women who inspire us

 Jessica Sinclair in yoga inversion

Quote from Jessica Sinclair :

“Every time I encounter some issues, I’d do an inversion. The challenge of it takes my mind off the problem but yet trains my mind to tackle issues the same way I tackle an asana (pose). Slowly and systematically. When my inversion practice is complete, I always feel so much better (destress) and what I have to do with the task on hand becomes so clear.”


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