Celebrity Hair Stylist Wu Yi Lin Talks Passion

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Anyone can be a hair stylist – but it takes a lot of passion and love for the job to be a successful one, just like celebrity hair stylist Wu Yi Lin from Taiwan.

Hair 510 Wu Yi Lin

 Hair Maestro Wu Yi Lin

Many would recognise Yi Lin from her resident hairstylist role in the variety hit show, Lady’s First, which airs in Taiwan and Singapore. With more than 20 years of experience, she is the first Taiwanese hairdresser appearing on an international stage for a grand opening show, having been the designated hairdresser for many celebrities.

Yi Lin first started her hairdressing journey at the tender age of 13, and by 18 years old, she was already a hair stylist, having designed the hair of Zhang Hui Mei or A-Mei the Asian pop queen’s first album Sisters.  She went on to start her first company at only 25 years old, and is now the proud owner of Hair 510, a prestigious hair salon in Taipei and Singapore, and an author of two successful books.

We sat down with the humble celebrity hair stylist for an exclusive interview.

How did you first get started on hairdressing?

YL: “I come from Mai Liao, a rural town in the Yunlin Country. Back then, hairdressing was not popular in my hometown, and I had to leave my home to Taipei when I was 13. It was really tough at first, having to juggle my studies in the day, while working as a part-time shampoo girl at night. The process was tedious, requiring lots of hard work and patience, but I finally saw success when I was promoted as a hair stylist when I was 18.”


PagePink-Hair 510- Wu Yi Lin-Hairstyles

 Hair Maestro Wu Yi Lin’s Work

Do share with us your journey to become a celebrity hair stylist.

YL: “When I was promoted to a hairstylist position, I was known as Xiao Man. Soon, I started clinching international awards, and was the first Taiwanese hair stylist to be invited to perform at the New York International Hair Show. I would say that appearing on national television has helped me reach a wider audience, and I am very happy and contented with where I am now. I have had the privilege of meeting new customers of various cultures through my salon, Hair 510, and I have learnt a lot from them.”

You have written two books on hair so far – what has inspired you to start writing?

YL: “When styling my customers’ hair, I would use to nag at them all the time – their choice of hair products was wrong, and their hair care was wrong as well. I realised that there are many people out there with hair concerns, but I can only help people in my salon since I have direct contact with them.”

“I asked myself how I could reach out to more people to help them understand their hair more, and coincidentally, a publisher approached me – that’s how I started publishing my first book. Now, I have readers telling me that they finally know how to take care of their hair, and I am really happy to have this opportunity to share my knowledge with everyone.”


PagePink- Hair Makeover Wu Yi Lin

Any plans for the future?

YL: “Yes! I am in the midst of developing a new line of hair products, and am excited to share them with friends that I have made in my salon. I really do hope that these products can provide my customers with the best hair care during their busy schedules.”

We are inspired by Celebrity Hair Stylist Wu Yi Lin, her passion for work and life. We leave you with her hair designs.

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Image Credit: Hair 510


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