Beauty Inspirations From Milan Fashion Week SS 2015

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Contributed by PagePink’s Stylemaker Veena McCoole

PagePink-Veena McCoole

I Love Fashion

I’m always so incredibly excited to see the new clothes, shoes and accessories each season brings, but what also brings me a lot of excitement is seeing the way in which designers channel their visions for each season in the form of beauty and hair looks.

Clothing can be hung on lifeless racks in flashy flagships all over the world, but what makes fashion week exciting is seeing pieces debuted on beautiful models strutting to the beat of pumping music; clothes are brought to life with statement beauty looks, unconventional hairstyles and experimental styling in the electric atmosphere of a runway show.

Diesel Black Gold

It was a collection filled with sex appeal oozing out of every exposed seam and leather strap. The makeup looks on the models reflected the dark glamor they were adorned in; strong brows created a show-stopping statement, sultry eyeshadow in smoky black hues added sophistication, and heavily lined lids gave way to sharp gazes from hazel eyes. Barely-there lippie, a matte flawless complexion and ever so slight cheekbone contouring ruled the

Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold

Diesel runway

A perfect look for a night-out that can easily be achieved with the use of dark- pigmented eyeshadow, heavy-duty eyebrow pencil and swipes of translucent pressed powder for that ethereal runway glow. I also adore the no-fuss hairstyle boasted by all the models; creating a new side-parting and finishing off with hairspray and mousse for a tight-hold wet look is a hairstyle that’s begging to be taken out for a test-drive the next time you celebrate a big night out in the city.

Dolce and Gabbana

Presented an entirely different look, characterized by the overwhelming presence of red and black on the runway. Evidently inspired by Oriental patterns and historic opulence, the makeup look was a happy medium between modern goddess and porcelain doll. Perfectly painted red lips and heavily rouged cheekbones are the focal points of this look, and allow you to skimp on piling on too much eye makeup, albeit some pearly iridescent shadow to reinforce the dewy, fresh appeal of this youthful look. Make your cheekbones pop by layering blush, bronzer and highlighter for a runway-ready statement. Red lipstick is a universally flattering essential and is the perfect way to draw attention to a winning smile.


Dolce and Gabbana - PagePink

Dolce and Gabbana


Versace shook the runway up with fresh-faced ladies, all seemingly radiating an inner glow. Hair was left natural and loose, but volume was created at the crown of the head to spice up a simple ‘do. Take one-inch segments of hair at the front of your head, gently backcomb the backs of the segments and fix with a spritz of hairspray, and run your fingers through the front of your hair with a little more hairspray to help hold the final look. While this look probably won’t hold at night, this is an easy way to spruce up your morning hair routine with a little more oomph without appearing too OTT.


Versace - PagePink



 Veena Mccoole_PagePinkVeena McCoole is a model and fashion writer. Veena is a half-Irish, half-Thai, Eurasian/third-culture-kid. Veena grew up in Singapore and is currently vacillating between London & Singapore. She enjoys red velvet cupcakes, plane tickets, cable-knit sweaters and Moleskine diaries.




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