Favorite Looks From Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

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Contributed by PagePink’s Stylemaker Veena McCoole

Tokyo Fashion Week

If Paris Fashion Week is sophisticated and New York Fashion Week is minimalist, Tokyo’s very own Fashion Week is an eclectic explosion of talent bursting at Japan’s seams. More than 45 designers displayed their latest Spring/Summer collections with gusto this October, and I’ve already identified some notable favorites among the throngs of talent that poured onto the runway.

PagePink-Tokyo Fashion Week

Tokyo Fashion Week

Tamae Hirokawa & Masanori

The variety has been unreal: Tamae Hirokawa’s alien-esque structured corsets, lace bodysuits and printed dresses made for a fantastic installation, and Masanori was inspired by cherry blossom trees and showed a collection that started off all black and migrated towards pink looks and accessories in the latter half.

Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori was a huge favorite this season in Tokyo. Featuring elegantly curated gowns boasting excellent drapery and a mixture of sporty and tailored pieces, Hanae Mori defines tight, modern glamor. Plus, the ever elegant Tilda Swinton sat front row for the show; it doesn’t get much cooler than that! The beauty looks at Hanae Mori reminded me a lot of the effortless understatement that has carried Tilda Swinton through her decades of fame.

Hanae Mori Makeup

Makeup consisted predominantly of wintery-hued lips, bare complexions, gentle gold eyeshadow, unlined eyebrows and scraped-back hair. If there’s any way to achieve that top-model look this season, play it effortless and skimp on the eye makeup; you’re much better off splurging on a sensually noir hue for your lips!

PagePink -VeenaMcCoole_HanaeMori

 Hanae Mori at Tokyo Fashion Week

Alica Auaa

Alica Auaa revealed intricate headpieces in a collection of different textures such as lace, leather and chiffon. Exuding a gothic vibe, this collection presented an alternative way of accessorizing that doesn’t require much hair and makeup styling: donning a full-on mask! Definitely keep note of this for Halloween dress-up inspiration.

VeenaMcCoole_AliciaAuaa Alica Auaa at Tokyo Fashion Week

Atsushi Nakashima

Atsushi Nakashima showed off some futuristic looks that materialized in the form of geometric statement jewelry. The collection came in greens, greys, whites and blues – the perfect toned-down palette for the approaching season.

Tokyo Fashion Week is definitely reaching new heights and impressed me this season. I hope you enjoyed it too!


 Veena Mccoole_PagePinkVeena McCoole is a model and fashion writer. Veena is a half-Irish, half-Thai, Eurasian/third-culture-kid. Veena grew up in Singapore and is currently vacillating between London & Singapore. She enjoys red velvet cupcakes, plane tickets, cable-knit sweaters and Moleskine diaries.




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