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by PagePink’s Stylemaker Wu Yi Lin

The ponytail is one of the most basic hairstyles that a lady learns when she first learns how to tie her hair. It can be created in an array of styles, whether it is a casual ponytail in the morning, a simple yet fashionable one on the runway, or even adorable and short ones for those who’ve just started to grow their hair out.

PagePink-Best of Ponytails

 A simple yet fashionable ponytail (source)

If you’re looking for a good hairstyle to work with why not try out the versatile ponytail? We sat down with PagePink’s Stylemaker Wu Yi Lin and find out how you can do up your hair in style.

Is it enough to tie a ponytail with just a rubber band?

YL: “Tying a ponytail with a rubber band is acceptable when one is at home, but for a stylish and volumised ponytail, I would suggest that you use styling products to create more volume at the roots of your hair. Use the tips of your ears as a starting point, and brush the top portion of your hair upwards before tying it with a rubber band. Tie the bottom part of your hair with a another rubber band, and combines the both with a third rubber band. This helps to overcome the flatness on the back of your head, which is a very common concern for Asians.”

PagePink-Best of Ponytails

Overcome the flatness of your head with a triple tied ponytail look (source)

What kind of styling products should I use for a healthy and glossy looking ponytail?

YL: “I would recommend a no-rinse conditioner or an oil-based styling product. Apply a coin sized amount on your palm and spread it before applying it onto your hair. This will help to smoothen and control frizziness. To create a natural gloss, use a flat comb to style your ponytail.”


Control frizziness of your hair with an oil-based styling product (source)

I’ve always tried tying a ponytail, but it always looks flat and loose. Why is that so?

YL:”You need to focus on the detail of the hairstyle. The sides of your hairline needs to be slanting upwards in other for it to look volumised. If it is slanting downwards or not tied tightly, your facial features will appear to be pulled downwards, causing your hair to look messy. A good ponytail can help to change your face shape and enhance your facial features.”

PagePink- ponytail styles

Slant the sides of your hair to ensure your hair look voluminised

Is it possible to create a variation of ponytails?

YL: “Of course! I would recommend you to visit a hair salon to colour your hair, or even highlight it. Consider contrasting colour in your hair, your ponytail will look fashionable and special. You can also ask your hairstylist to style your ponytail with hair accessories that bring out your personality, so that you will stand out in any place you go to.”

PagePink-Colored Ponytail

Contrasting Coloured Ponytails to create a unique look (source)



Hair 510 Wu Yi Lin

Hair Maestro Wu Yi Lin is the resident hairstylist in the variety hit show Lady’s First which airs in Taiwan and Singapore. Yi Lin has styled celebrities like Ah Mei and Wang Li Hom. She owns Hair 510  in Singapore and Women 510 in Taipei.


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