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Contributed by PagePink’s Stylemaker Jessica Sinclair

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Yoga is a Great Form of Exercise Suitable for the Young & Old

The multitude of poses it offers practitioners makes it fun and challenging and while being able to nail the difficult poses can be a highly satisfying experience, there is another part of the practice that offers immense benefit to the body.

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Photo by Jessica Sinclair

Our Hectic Lifestyles

In our fast paced society with loud noises, last minute lane changes and office politics, we’re surrounded with a waterfall of sensory and emotional over loads. When one is upset or scared, the breath often becomes fast and shallow, or one may hold their breath and this makes the heart rate go up.

This is the role of the sympathetic nervous system when adrenaline kicks in and our body goes into the fight or flight state. When one is in this state, the body’s natural response would be to increase cortisol production, which may lead high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and acne.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System

This parasympathetic nervous system on the other hand, helps calm the body and reduce the cortisol in our body. When cortisol production is reduced, all the negative symptoms that are created when in our sympathetic state are then alleviated or completely removed.

Breathing is Vital

The question is, how do we get our body to go into that elusive parasympathetic state? The age-old advice “take 10 deep breaths” holds truth to it. All we have to do is to breathe.

Ujjayi Breathing (Ocean Breath) in Yoga

This method of breathing brings the body into a parasympathetic state and massages the organs thus helping to detoxify the body and flush toxins from the lymphatic system.

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  Jessica Sinclair ( Empty Air Out of Lungs & Allow Belly to Fall ) – Photo by Jessica Sinclair

 Steps in Ujjayi Breathing (Ocean Breath)

  1. Sit cross legged or on your knees and place your hands lightly on your knees.
  2. Scoop the tailbone in, keep the spine nice and long and engage the core.
  3. Inhalation and exhalation should be done through the nose with the mouth closed.
  4. As you inhale, allow the breath to enter through the nose and into the back of the throat. When done correctly, there should be a hissing sound from the back of your throat, almost similar to a snore.
  5. As the breath enters the lungs, allow the chest to rise and the lungs to fully expand.
  6. Allow the diaphragm to move downwards to create maximum space for the lungs.
  7. Allow the belly to rise and fill with air.
  8. As you exhale, allow the belly to fall.
  9. As you exhale, allow the diaphragm to move upwards.
  10. As you exhale, allow the lungs to empty and chest to fall.

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  Jessica Sinclair ( Allow Chest to Rise & Belly to Be Filled with Air )  – Photo by Jessica Sinclair

Daily Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi Breathing can be done anywhere and at anytime at your convenience. The next time you start to feel stressed, take that breath and allow your body to heal itself.

Love, Jessica Sinclair


 Jessica SinclairJessica Sinclair has always been exposed to fitness and sports. Her interests include taking part in marathons,   obstacle course races and martial arts. She has Scoliosis; pain and numbness were a daily occurrence until she started practicising yoga. Jessica  Sinclair is the founder and Yoga Teacher Trainer at Iha Yoga located at Race Course Road, Singapore.



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