5-Minute Prep For Better Selfies!

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by PagePink’s Stylemaker Veena McCoole

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re taking pictures with our friends or by ourselves and just can’t quite get that perfect picture. What no one told us was we don’t actually have to be perfect to take perfect pictures. I’ve put together these 5 minute tips and tricks to transform your look and get you that perfect picture in a few minutes!

1. Find Your ‘Good Side’

good sideAlways angle your good side to get the best shots!

We all have that one side of our face that is better on camera than the other. That good side is the side you want to angle towards the camera. When you find your good side, take test shots and figure out which poses and head tilts flatter you best. The most flattering/popular pose among woman is angling your head 45 degrees! If you’re not too sure which side is your good side, hold a piece of paper vertically over one side of your face, and then the other. The better side will be the side with more upturned features, like the corners of your lips and eyes.

2. Shine Bright

Pagepink - contouringDon’t go without a primer on your face to hide your flaws

When taking photos, natural light is your best friend. Yet, there are also a couple of other things that you can do to give your face a brighter boost. We all know that cameras can pick up the littlest of imperfections, so it is crucial to apply primer if you want to hide your flaws. Focus on highlighting the bridge of your nose and under your eyes and applying a lighter shade of concealer to make your face look even brighter. Lastly, apply sheer bronzer around the perimeter of your face to frame and flatter your face shape to steal the attention from your forehead.

3. Volume, Volume, Volume

Pagepink - VolumeFlip your hair upside down seconds before taking the picture to have that naturally voluminous healthy look!

If you don’t have naturally thick hair, there are a few very simple ways to achieve that look before posing for the camera. If you know you’re going to be taking pictures, invest some time in washing your hair and letting it air dry upside down as this allows gravity to lift your strands away from your scalp. Another tip is to flip your hair upside down seconds before taking the picture and use your fingers to fluff the roots.

4. Greasy

Pagepink - blot

Dab your face with absorbing sheets so you don’t look shiny in photos

It’s always a headache having oily skin around your T-zone. To rid yourself of this problem, simply pick up some oil absorbing sheets and lightly dab a sheet on your face wherever needed so you don’t look shiny in pictures. These sheets are perfect because they don’t smudge your makeup, so you don’t have to worry about touching up afterwards.

5. Confidence is Key


Be yourself! The best photos are taken when you look confident!

This is probably the single most important step to taking a perfect picture. Confidence is so important; if you don’t feel comfortable, it will reflect in the photos. Don’t give up after one or two bad photos! Be yourself and don’t try and put up a facade for the camera if it doesn’t feel right. When you feel your best, you look your best!

Veena Mccoole_PagePink

Veena McCoole is a model and fashion writer. Veena is a half-Irish, half-Thai, Eurasian/third-culture-kid. Veena grew up in Singapore and is currently vacillating between London & Singapore. She enjoys red velvet cupcakes, plane tickets, cable-knit sweaters and Moleskine diaries.



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