No More Excuses: 15-Minute Workout For Daily Routine

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Contributed by PagePink’s Stylemaker Cassie Massey

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City Living is Hectic

For many of us, the buzz of the city can feel like having the world at your fingertips: countless options provided by the vast array of work, life and social opportunities.

But with so much to do, see and experience, we can often find ourselves lacking the time for the things that keep us healthy. So when your life is full to the brim with all Singapore has to offer, how can you fit in a health and fitness routine that keeps you looking and feeling your best? We give you the basics and structure a 15-minute, high-intensity interval training workout plan that can help you keep fit.


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Prioritise Resistance Training

Many of us associate keeping fit with spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical trainer, slogging out hour after sweaty hour of monotonous cardio, all the while thinking of how many cocktails it might earn us that evening. It’s not the most appealing prospect, and it’s actually not the best way to reach your goals, whether they be staying trim, getting fitter, or improving your health. When time is tight, you want to be sure that you’re getting the most efficient, effective workout possible.

My advice: prioritize resistance training. Whether you use weights at the gym, or body weight at home, resistance training is by far the better way to spike your metabolism, build lean muscle and strengthen your body.

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High Intensity Interval Training

So we know that resistance training is the way forward, but that takes time, doesn’t it? Not if you use your time wisely. The key is to recruit as many muscles as possible in each exercise, and use a High Intensity Interval Training style to get the most out of a workout you can complete in 15 mins.

This means using big movements such as squats, lunges, press ups, jumps, sprints and heavy carries for short bursts at a high intensity, with short periods of rest in between.

15-Minute Exercise Routine

Try this simple 15 minutes routine at home or at the gym. Set a timer or use a stopwatch.

For beginners, you will complete each movement for 30 seconds, with 30 seconds of rest before you move onto the next.

For intermediate, fitness levels, work for 40 seconds and rest for 20, and for advanced trainers, keep moving for 50 seconds, resting for 10 seconds in between.

Complete all movements in the sequence, the whole way through.

Try for 3 to 6 rounds.

1. Squat Jumps
2. Press ups
3. Sprint (or jump rope or run on the spot if you’re limited on space)
4. Jump Lunge

Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps – start by standing tall with your feet at hip width apart. Reach down and touch the floor with your right hand making sure to bend your knees and sink your hips backwards. From the lowest position, drive up from the floor into the highest jump you can. Immediately repeat, this time with your left hand.


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PagePink-Level-Squat Jump


Modification – stick with a squat. Sit back as if there is an imaginary chair behind you. Keep your chest elevated and your shoulders back.


PagePink-Level - Squat

Press Ups

Start in a plank position resting on your hands and your toes. Ensure there is a straight line between your shoulders, hips and heels.


Keeping this straight line, bend your elbows so that your chest travels towards the ground. With an exhale, straighten your arms to return to the plank position.


Modification – from the plank position at the start, rest your knees down onto the floor. Ensure there is still a straight line throughout the back.


Run as fast as you can between two points. Try not to stop until your time is up!


Jump Lunge

Start in a lunge position by taking a large step forward with one foot, and bending your back knee down towards the ground. Ensure that your torso stays upright, your shoulders are back and your chest faces forwards. From this position, use both legs to jump as high as you can, landing with the opposite leg forward to the one you started on. Alternate this way until the time is up.

Modification- Alternating reverse lunge. Start by standing tall with your feet hip width apart. Take a large step backwards, dropping your knee towards the ground. From here, drive through the front heel to stand upright and bring your feet together. Now repeat on the opposite leg. Keep alternating this way until the time is up.



Try these exercises now! I am sure you will feel stronger really soon!  Good luck!


Level- Cassie-Massey

Cassie Massey is a British qualified Personal Trainer, group fitness, pilates & bootcamp instructor from London. She specialises in core strength, stability, metabolic resistance training & HIIT.

Cassie lives & breathes fitness, trying her hand at everything from half marathons to boxing, yoga to 100kg deadlifts. Cassie loves being able to carry out her passion and profession daily here in Singapore. Cassie trains at Level 137 Telok Ayer, Singapore.


Photo Credit: Lifestyle Asia

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